You need these two things + it went well + exciting news!

I cannot stop thinking about how delicious these are. And they were so easy to make! I made 15 – Jake has two and I have one. All that’s in these are 15 eggs, 2 cans of black beans, 2 cups of spinach, all cooked together. After all of that was cooked, I filled up two corn tortillas with mozzarella and then baked everything at 375° for about 15-20 minutes. YUM. Breakfast quesadillas.
Sometimes you just need two toys…
This is one of my favorite running accessories. The Koala Clip! I don’t like arm bands for my phone. I feel like they move around a lot and make me feel unbalanced on long runs. The Koala Clip clips onto the back of your sports bra, so it’s snug between your back and your bra. It’s AMAZING. You can’t even tell it’s there. I use it on every run. You can read more and order one HERE.
Also, THESE AfterShokz headphones are the best. I am obsessed. I had been wanting them forever and my Mom surprised me with them as an early birthday present. I ran with them for the first time yesterday. I LOVE them. They didn’t hurt my ears, they stayed in place, and they didn’t push my sunglasses too far forward – which were all issues I had with my PowerBeats. I’m anxious to see how they fit with my bike helmet. 10/10 so far in my opinion.
It felt strange to run in the afternoon since I usually run when it’s still dark in the mornings, but I loved the sunshine.
I did my first tempo run since coming back from this injury – tempo runs gets progressively faster each mile. I wanted to hit 9:00, 8:45, and 8:30. I ended with 8:56, 8:44, and 8:23 – I was pretty pleased with it. I definitely had to push a little bit, but it felt good to move my legs.
Lunch time!
After my run, I knocked out a few challenges I’m doing with friends this month and worked on some of my exercises for my foot/ankle. These two terrorized each other right next to me.
Who even knows what’s happening right here – fighting, playing, or both.
I am not a patient person, and it’s hard for me to admit this, but patience sure does pay off! I have exciting news to share! For new readers, I used to be a middle school english teacher, then I was a reading specialist. I resigned from my reading specialist position two years ago in order to finish my dissertation for my doctoral program. I graduated in December of 2018 and have been trying to figure out what I wanted to do ever since. I have always had two DREAM jobs – to be a college professor & a learning coach. Well, I have been teaching college courses since 2015, which I love, but I have missed being in a school setting. I kind of assumed I’d have to pick one or the other; I never thought I’d be able to do BOTH at the same time. Well, that dream has come true! I just accepted a position as a learning coach, (while still teaching college courses part-time), and I am SO excited! Another exciting bit to share – I will be the learning coach at the school where I used to teach. Aaaaand a new job calls for fun new cup for ALL the coffee. I can’t wait to share more with you later! I’m not sure yet when I start – I have a meeting tomorrow, so hopefully I get some insight. <3 
Sometimes I forget she’s still a puppy. Rhea’s only nine months old, which is very obvious at times…like when she doesn’t listen.
This dinner is one of my favorites. Seared tuna steak with coconut aminos, garlic powder, onion powder, and turmeric, on top of spinach, carrots, avocado, and banana peppers. YUM.
I married the best guy. He wanted to help me celebrate my new dream job. 
We drank champagne out of the champagne glasses we used at our wedding. They’re my favorite.
These cool peeps were out on a Harley ride, so they stopped by to celebrate with us! (My birth mom is the cutie in the hat.)
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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