Weekend Wrap-up!

I was so worn out all weekend. I’m glad we didn’t have many plans, because it was nice to relax a little bit. Friday was a busy day at work, so I spent most of my time on the computer. I ate lunch at some point. I loved this lunch, but broccoli really upsets my stomach, so I think I need to stay away from it for a little bit.
All. The. Data.
When I got home on Friday, I immediately changed into my robe and cuddled with the girls. I think they’re missing me being home with them all day. They stick pretty close to my side when I get home from work.
Jake worked late Friday, so I met Katie and Kayla for dinner at Galloway that night. I was craving their BLT and it did not disappoint. I just love Galloway so much.
Kayla left before I could get a picture, but Jake’s parents came to say hello! Poor Jake worked until about 8AM Saturday morning. 30-some straight hours. I don’t know how he does it. I’m so thankful for people who have jobs like Jake’s – for new readers, Jake is a journeyman lineman, so he works on power lines. He’s way tougher than I am!
I got up Saturday and ran my longest run yet – 7 miles! I wanted to push the pace a little bit, so I had to work for this run, but it felt SO good. I saw these two as I was finishing up. They crushed 10 miles!
Here’s what I ended with on Saturday.
After my run, I crumbled up two egg muffins and made them into a burrito. So. Good.
I got in the car after my run and immediately spilled hot coffee on myself.
My sister and I were on a panel Saturday afternoon for couples who are considering adoption. We have done this before and it’s always so fun to share our stories. My sister is also adopted, but from different parents. I love getting to share my experience with others. I think adoption is one of the best things in the world. I wore some new shoes I got at the Dillard’s shoe sale – I think I got these for $8? I love a good deal.
We met some friends for dinner Saturday night, then Jake said he wanted ice cream. As we were going through the drive-thru, I saw that they had chocolate ice cream with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups mixed in. I had to get a scoop. It was incredible.
Sunday morning, we polished off the egg muffins by making them into burritos again. We slept in until 7:30 Sunday morning, then immediately started cleaning when we got up. After we cleaned the house, we ate, then I started on meal prep. Jake headed outside to mow, weed eat, and clean up our landscaping. I met him out there when I finished prepping. We finished working around 4PM. It was a productive, busy day!
So, like I said, after breakfast, I started on meal prep. This week, we are having breakfast sandwiches and after prepping these, I am SO excited to eat them. Start with an English muffin, cut in half. On the bottom layer, I placed a slice of cheese (DF for me, sharp cheddar for Jake), then a ham slice, then an over-easy cooked egg, which I had already cooked on the stovetop, then I topped everything with spinach. After placing all the things for the sandwich, I put the top of the English muffin on each one. I sprayed the top of our English muffins with olive oil & sprinkled onion & garlic powder on top. I baked everything at 350° for 15 minutes. I stored everything in the fridge & will just heat them in the microwave for a minute in the AM. Enjoy! Cheers to looking forward to breakfast!
We are having burrito bowls for lunch. Mine have chicken and Jake’s have elk. These have brown rice, corn, black beans, zucchini, elk or chicken, and salsa. Mmm.
Lu always sits like this and it cracks me up.
I was craving sushi for dinner, so we picked some up from the grocery store. It was amazing.
This is one of Lu’s favorite spots to snooze. It’s also one of Rhea’s favorite places to annoy her…
Laundry, wine, and Netflix – just living our best lives after a productive Sunday. 
Happy Monday, friends!

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