Thankful + these are amazing + Open House!

I told Jake Sunday night that it was maybe the first time in my career that I was excited about going to work. That is the BEST feeling. Not that I have hated my past jobs, but I don’t think I ever looked forward to going to work like I do right now. I have never JUST had a job. I was always working full-time, being a full-time student, and teaching adjunct part-time. I never got to just enjoy a job. Don’t get me wrong, I thrive when I’m busy and I wouldn’t change the path I took for anything, but I am SO thankful those days are behind me. I never have to be a student again and that is the best feeling. Plus, I really, really love my job.

I have been running with our girls on Monday mornings. I run 2 miles with Lu, then 3-4 with Rhea. Lu gets to go with me first and she gets so excited. I love it.

Ready to get their runs on!
These breakfast sandwiches are out of this world. Holy cow. So good. I love them. Recipe HERE.
Sometimes you just need a pineapple lanyard for work.
It was another crazy day at school. At one point, I looked at the clock, thinking I’d been there for about an hour or so and it was almost noon! I couldn’t believe it. Lunch was a chicken burrito bowl.
We had Open House at school last night, so I had an hour at home to eat dinner and relax before needing to head back.
I polished off some leftovers for dinner. Spinach, meatballs, ham, and bbq sauce. Random, but delicious.
Dinner was followed by a little chocolate.
After dinner, I headed back to school. Since we don’t have students, we spent the time making rounds and getting caught up on work. I made ALL the copies.
I am very obsessed with these three songs right now. They’re solid.
My Dad and Jake rode bikes together last night and then grabbed dinner. I met them for a drink when I finished up with Open House. Two cuties.
This makes me laugh, but also annoys me, but mostly makes me laugh. Am I a bad parent? I can just picture Rhea discovering this…we have a big laundry room in our house that leads to the backyard. The girls’ kennels are in there, but we wanted to see how they would do it we left them out in the room during the day. They did amazing for a few days, and then I found this. I guess Rhea was intrigued by the doorstop. Can’t you just see her batting the doorstop over and over again with her paws? HA! She definitely got in trouble.
Good thing she’s cute…
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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