Early mornings + besties + pizzzzza!

I can’t believe it has been 18 years since 9/11. I am praying for and thinking about all of those who were directly impacted by that terrible day. 
I love starting my mornings with these gals! We knocked out 6 easy miles Tuesday morning. I had plans to get up and do a TRX workout this morning, but sleep ended up winning. I was in bed at 8:30, too. I’m just worn out this week!
I let Rhea outside as I was walking to my car yesterday. I saw this as I was getting into the car. We sure love our neighbors! Rhea is obsessed with their kiddos. They reach through the fence to pet her, so sometimes she’s out here on her back while they scratch her belly. 
I needed all the coffee yesterday, so I wore my “Ok, but first coffee” tank to school. 
I spent the morning in some classrooms working with kids, then it was back to the computer to work on some data stuff. Lunch was another chicken burrito bowl. 
I have some new running shorts that were forwarded to a different address because the zip code got messed up somehow. I was on-hold with USPS forever. They were super helpful once I finally spoke with someone and apologized for their mix-up. 
I was so worn out when I got home from school yesterday. I vacuumed, brushed the girls, did 4 loads of laundry, and started on dinner. I LOVE this crust if we make pizzas at home. It’s delicious and sturdy, which isn’t always the case with cauliflower crusts. Sometimes they can be a little flimsy. If you like caili crust, check this one out – I got this at Price Cutter. And it comes with two, which is nice. 
I topped our crust with sugar-free pizza sauce, chicken apple sausage, turkey pepperoni, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese, and a balsamic drizzle. It was SO good. 
I also made a massive salad for us to have with our pizza. 
Wine and pizza – the perfect pair. 
Jake worked late, so when he got home, he was pretty worn out, too. We spent the remainder of the evening relaxing on the couch. 
I think my biggest struggle right now is trying to adjust to being gone from home from 7:00-3:30. I usually cleaned and did laundry in the middle of the day, so it’s an adjustment to still fit everything in. I think it will just take some time to find a new routine. We are gone the next three weekends, so that will be fun, but also stressful. I think September is going to fly by!
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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