Friday the 13th + a TRX workout for you + outta here!

Just an FYI, it’s Friday the 13th and we have a full moon… Watch out! I’m sure our kiddos are going to be a little bonkers today.

​ Breakfast at school is becoming more common! These sandwiches have been so good this week, I think I’m going to make them again for us next week.

I had a bunch of meetings at school yesterday, so I had a quick lunch in-between a few of them.
After school, I took our recycling, vacuumed the house, and did three loads of laundry. By the time I had finished all of that, I needed a small glass of wine out of my pineapple cup.
Jake went on a short bike ride when he got home from work, so I met him for dinner when he finished his ride. We went to Great American Taco and I had my favorite thing on their menu. I always get a Hawaiian Tuna taco on half of an avocado. This is seriously one of my favorite tacos. And I love the option to have it on an avocado instead of a tortilla.
We sat out on the patio for almost 2 hours and just enjoyed the weather and each other’s company.
Jake got called into work around 1 AM, so I think he should be off work soon and finished for the day. I got up around 4:30 and finally got a TRX workout in. I have to be better about doing strength work during the week. If I could lift and/or do TRX twice a week, I think it would be perfect. I’m going to try my best to make that happen. I have THESE straps and love them. I got them last year during a sale, so keep an eye on them because they have sales all the time.
Here’s what I did this morning! It was the perfect mixture of strength and cardio.
As soon as I am home from school, we are heading to the lake for the weekend! My parents have rented a cabin down there, and my grandparents who live in Florida are in town visiting, so it’s going to be a fun weekend with everyone. We will celebrate my birthday while we are down there, too. I hope your weekend is a wonderful one!
Happy Friday, friends!

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