Weekend Wrap-up!

We had a wonderful weekend! We headed out of town Friday evening and spent all weekend with my family at the lake. It was such a blast. My grandparents, my dad’s parents, who live in Florida, were in town visiting, so they got to spend the weekend with us, too. Before Jake and I headed out of town, we went to Galloway for dinner. I was craving a burger and this one was amazing.
We loaded down the truck with bikes and our new kayaks and hit the road! We hadn’t taken our kayaks out since getting them, so we were excited to take them on the water Saturday morning.
Saturday morning, we got up to go run, but before we headed out, my grandma walked upstairs with this in a napkin. It was a huge scorpion that she had killed.
Jake and I knocked out a hilly 5 mile run and we got to see some of the prettiest views. We came across this house that was being built and its view of the lake was phenomenal. We had to stop and explore the construction a little bit.
There was also a porta potty, which was a lifesaver. We both had to make a little pitstop.
How incredible is that view? Can you imagine waking up and seeing that every day?
They also had this awesome pool behind their house. Whoever is building this has a pretty sweet place! Thanks for letting us explore! 
After our run, we went back to the cabin and had a huge breakfast with everyone. I forgot to take a picture because I was so hungry. After breakfast, Jake and I took our kayaks out on the lake. It was so fun! I am excited to spend some more time in our kayaks.
We paddled out to a cove and just kind of relaxed in the sunshine. The waves at the lake made me a little bit nauseous, so we tried to stay in coves that had less movement.
We took a kayaking break to grab lunch. If you aren’t eating your ketchup like this, covered in black pepper, you’re doing it wrong.
I had a margarita with lunch, which seemed appropriate since I was wearing the tank top from my bachelorette party.
We spent the late afternoon relaxing in the cabin. Eleanor took a long nap in my lap, so I got lots of cuddles in.
Our dinner Saturday night was amazing. Jake grilled steaks for us, and my brother-in-law, Tyler, did a big fish bake. Everything was so good. I was stuffed afterwards.
After dinner, we all sat around and chatted. Jake made a bunch of Old Fashioneds, which is one of my favorite drinks.
My mom had her first Old Fashioned and couldn’t believe how much she loved it.
For breakfast Sunday morning, we headed to Big Cedar to grab brunch. Mimosas were included with brunch, so of course I had to get one.
We headed home after brunch, took a nap, and then I got started on meal prep. These breakfast sandwiches were so good last week, we decided we needed to have them for another week. They’re so easy to make, too! Recipe HERE.
Our lunches this week are barbecue chicken. My chicken is on top of spinach, and I made wraps for Jake.
For dinner Sunday night, we went to The PItch and shared a pizza. We love goat cheese on pizza .
Jake and I ran with the girls this morning and I think we will go on a little bike ride this evening. It’s my last day as a 30 year old, so I gotta live it up!
Happy Monday, friends!

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