Birthday fun + sunshine + love my family!

Before I met Alex for our run Tuesday morning, I did a little foam rolling .I have been trying to foam roll every day. I think it’s helping keep my foot/ankle healthy!.
We did a 2 mile warm-up, 4 800s at the track, and a 2 mile cool-down. We wanted the 800s to be around 8:00 pace, but when we started, we felt pretty comfortable around 7:30, so we went with that. It was SO nice to be on the track again. I had missed speed work!
I came home to these sweet notes from Jake on our front porch. 
I had meetings all day yesterday, but another learning coach and I escaped to an outside area to enjoy lunch. It was so wonderful to sit in the sunshine. 
We had lunch catered from Neighbor’s Mill. It was delicious. I had the chicken salad and loved it. 
On my way back to school, I saw this guy riding a motorcycle in loafers. HA! It seemed dangerous. 
When I got to school, I had the most beautiful bouquet waiting for me from Ozark Mtn Flower Truck. Jake sends me flowers a lot and it always makes me smile. How pretty are these?
I strapped my flowers into the car and got them safely home. 
When I got home, I got MORE flowers. My brother and his sweet wife sent these goodies. How sweet is that? <3 Jake and I got into the chocolate right away. 
We went to Char for dinner last night an it was SO good. I wanted to try a bunch of different appetizers, so I started with bacon wrapped dates, which are my favorite. 
I also had the tuna nachos, which were really good. 
Then I had the brussels sprouts. They were phenomenal. Jake had the surf and turf and it was outstanding. 
My Mom had to leave early and my Dad left before I remembered to take a picture of the group, but I’m so glad everyone was able to get together last night. 
Here’s my birth mom, Dawn, with me. 
I snagged a picture with my Dad before he left. <3 
Thank you for all of your kind words and well wishes yesterday! I am so blessed to have each of you in my life. <3 
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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