I got a desk + birthday fun + not models…

Now that I’m 31, I am very wise. ; ) This picture popped up from two years ago of a race I did in Branson. I was in pretty good shape and ended up getting first in my age group. When I first saw this picture my immediate thought was, bummer, I miss being in shape. BUT I’ve been working on reframing my thoughts, so I caught myself and turned that desire to be in that shape again into a goal. I made myself appreciate the fact that I had worked really hard AND what I had been able to do with that hard work. 
Yesterday was such a good day because I got a desk! Since I was hired after the school year had already started, I had just been working at a conference table in my office. I am so excited to have my own desk. I also have a platform = on top of my desk that can be made into a standing desk. It is so amazing to be able to stand and work. I love it!
I had a meeting yesterday afternoon, so I spent the morning doing some work with data, I ate my lunch, and then I headed out to my meeting.
I got another fun birthday present after school. I have been wanting a tattoo with mountains for quite a while. Jake suggested I get it for my birthday, and I couldn’t agree more. I am super impressed with how it turned out. I sent Ink Ink Tattoo Studio a bunch of different pictures that I liked, but I didn’t really have a single image in mind. I am obsessed with what they came up with. Here is the finished product – it’s wrapped in plastic here. There is a geometric feather underneath the trees. I’ve always loved feathers and wanted to incorporate that into the tattoo somehow. I love it!
Jake and I grab dinner at Cesar’s last night. Our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomachs. He got tacos and a pupusa and I got a sope and a pupusa. We ended up taking one of the pupusas home. I have been thinking about it ever since. I think I will have it for dinner tonight…
I met my girls to run this morning and the miles felt really hard. I was thankful to have them with me, because I probably would have quit. We attempted to take some pictures, so here are a few from our photo shoot. They aren’t the best. I don’t think anyone will be asking us to model anytime soon…
There aren’t many people I want to be around at 5 AM, so I’m thankful these girls like to run in the mornings!
Trail Sisters Springfield would love to have you come join us for a trash pick up this evening! We are meeting at Great Escape Beer Works and then doing a run/trash pick up. We will probably run anywhere from 3 to 4 miles, so nothing too crazy. After we pick up trash, Great Escape is going to give us a discount on some beer!
Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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