My new tattoo + trash pick up fun + my new car!!

Here’s a better picture of my new tattoo. I love how it turned out! 
Thursday morning started with all the coffee. I always have my mug of coffee to drink on my drive  to school and my Yeti of coffee to drink at school. How much coffee is too much coffee? Asking for a friend. 
I ended up eating lunch around 10AM. I was STARVING and my snacks weren’t helping. Jake didn’t need one of his lunches, so I took it for lunch yesterday. BBQ chicken wrap. YUM. 
One of the teachers in my building had been talking about Peanut Butter Snickers. I told her I had never even heard of them, so she brought me one on Thursday. How sweet is that? Also, SO delicious. 
After school, I rushed home, ate a leftover pupusa, then went with Jake to look at my new car!! Jake had been searching for a new car for me for awhile. He wanted to get one for me for my birthday, and he finally found one that we  both loved. 
Here she is!! She’s a beaut. She’s an 04 Lexus GX470 and I am OBSESSED. I have always wanted one of these, but I liked the older body style the best. We finally found one that had been really well taken care of with low mileage. I LOVE her. We will tint windows, do a lift kit, get tires and wheels, and put some racks on her. She’s going to look amazing. 
While Jake completed the paperwork on the car, I headed to Great Escape Beer Works to meet up with some Trail Sisters to do a trash pick-up along one of the trails in town. Rhea came with me to help. 
We spent an hour picking up trash and filled 7 bags full. We had fun doing this and would like to make it something we do more often! 
After we finished, I got to drive my new baby home. My throat started hurting yesterday and I think I have tonsillitis, so I started antibiotics to hopefully kick it quickly. I can tell I’m back in a school setting with all the germs….,my first year of teaching I was sick all the time. I just need to build up my immune system again. 
Jake and I had a quick dinner of Qdoba, then headed to bed. This week has been a busy one!
Friday morning car coffee in my new rig. <3 
Happy Friday, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    I have to agree with Alyssa, still can’t really see the tattoo! 🙁
    Love the new car BUT I have to ask what did you have before? Also, do you guys prefer to buy used cars over new cars?? I am looking to buy a new car and I am ALSO looking at a Lexus but not the same version as yours … I am hoping to get it in the next few weeks but waiting to see if the next years model is what I really want! 🙂

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