My new car + this weather is the best + prayers for my sweet Grandma.

I am so obsessed with my new car. I shared HERE that Jake found me a Lexus that I have been wanting forever. One of the small features that I think it’s super cool is that there is a light that follows around the Speed gauge. Do you see that? I just think that it is awesome. It’s the little things that I appreciate, ha!
I can’t believe this was 12 years ago. This was my freshman year of college. I was at Mazzu and in a sorority. We were going to a costume party at a winery, so we all dressed up. A bunch of us bought some 80s mom jeans at a thrift store. We had a blast.
I added some Cholula to my tuna salad and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. This lunch is delicious. I eat the tuna salad in the spinach then heat up the sweet potato fries.
I didn’t have any meetings yesterday, so I had a little bit of time to start reading this book. It has a lot of super great information for what I need to be doing with my teachers. I haven’t read an academic text since I graduated. I think I needed a little bit of a brain break. I graduated last December, HERE, so I think I took enough time off, Ha! I also need to start thinking about some publications. I have an almost 400 page document parentheses my dissertation and parentheses so I need to start getting some of that information out there.
This made me laugh really hard.
When you walk outside and it’s a little chilly, you get all the feels. Fall is hands down my favorite season.
Dinner last night was bison burger patties, brussels sprouts in the air fryer, and mushrooms. I topped our burger patties with goat cheese, sweet relish, onion, and Sriracha.
Holy Yum.
Please say some prayers for healing for my sweet Grandma. We got some not-so-great test results back. Still waiting on more testing, so I’ll share more as we find out more. Here we are on our old boat one summer.
Christmas morning two years ago.
Our wedding. She was being sassy.

Jake dancing with her at our reception – she’s a dang good dancer!
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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