My weakness + sticking to my goal + rainy miles!

I love candy corn. I especially love it when it is mixed with peanuts. A teacher brought this into our coaching office yesterday, so I had to have some. Now I think I need to buy some for myself…well, maybe not. I have zero self-control when it comes to this mixture. 
I am still loving these overnight oats. I think I will make this again for next week’s breakfast. We will be gone again this weekend and I love how easy these are to prep – I think prep for these took me 10 minutes. 
I have enjoyed this lunch, but I want something different for next week. I just can’t decide what we should have. It’s starting to get kind of chilly outside, so maybe I will make something warm. I had a crazy busy computer work day yesterday, so my only pictures consist of food.
I am sticking with my goal of strength training 2 to 3 times a week! This is my second week of knocking out workouts. Jake and I did this one together when he got home from work. We also added on some abs at the end. We are trying to build slowly, since we both kind of fell off the lifting train.
We ate a quick dinner of leftover bison burger patties, zucchini, and pineapple.
After dinner, we headed to our friend’s house to meet their new baby. He is precious! I will share pictures once they do. I let Jake drive my new car…and forgot where to look when taking pictures. ; )
Guys, I got to wear a fleece jacket on my drive to our morning run. This is literally my favorite time of the year. I think my favorite running months are September through March. I love cold runs!!
I was a little too excited about our run this morning. We knocked out seven rainy miles, with a little bit of a workout in the middle. I got cleared to do a little bit of trail running this weekend, so I’m excited. I am also crazy nervous. I think I have lost all of my trail running confidence, so I need to be careful. I’m definitely going to take things easy and slowly build up my trail running strength. I do not want another ankle sprain. My PT says the ligaments in both of my ankles are pretty shot, so I just need to be careful while we build up their strength. I’m doing foot exercises every day and I really do think that is helping!
This week has really dragged on. I have some meetings today, then I need to prep for a big data day we are having with our teachers on Monday.

Thank you for all of your kind words and prayers for my Grandma. We are waiting on a biopsy, so I will update everyone as we hear more. I wish I could hug all of you!

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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