Weekend Wrap-up!

We have school pictures on Friday of this week, and a bunch of students made signs to advertise the date. Some of the things they came up with made me laugh so hard. I loved this one – take a shower. I guess that’s good advice for middle schoolers…
Lunch on Friday was a leftover bacon-wrapped salmon fillet. It was delicious. I’ve also started reading this book during my lunch time. I don’t really have a designated lunchtime, so whenever I can squeeze in some time to eat, I’m going to try to read as well.
I always need a little afternoon pick me up, so I got some of these. They’re so delicious.
I love this book so much. I was looking for some mentor texts for my teachers and came across it.
I love that it shows how commas can be used. This sentence says “Eat here, and get gas”. The second picture says “Eat here and get gas”. The illustrations are hilarious.
My parents were out of town this weekend, so I went by their house to lock it up after they had their new wood floors put in. How awesome do these look? This whole area used to be carpeted.
When I got home on Friday, I knocked out my third strength training day of the week. I laughed because the mountains on my tank top matched the mountains in my new tattoo.
We played some very serious games of fetch.
We hung out with my Grandma Friday evening, then got up early Saturday to head down to Arkansas. I was ready for some camping!
Rhea very patiently waited in the van on our bed.
We swung by the store to grab some groceries and get breakfast burritos. Lucky’s has the best breakfast burritos ever.
Rhea loved getting to sit on the bed and see out.
This picture of Lulu cracks me up.
As soon as we found a good camping spot, we grabbed the girls and headed to the river. They loved it.
All of a sudden, Rhea got the zoomies and was literally sprinting all over the place on the slippery ro
ck. She would wipe out and fall into the river and then get right back up and start sprinting again, only to slip and fall back into the river. It was the funniest thing we have ever seen.
I repped my Springfield FitLife tank.
If Lu could swim in a river every day, she would.
This was Rhea’s first camping trip AND the girls’ first trip in our van. I was so excited
Guess who got to trail run! I had not been on trail in over 10 weeks. I was definitely super careful, but it felt so good to be back on the trails.
We did a little 5 mile run/hike with the girls. They loved it.
About the time we finished up a run, these two and their pup were pulling in to the campground. The girls had a blast playing together!
Here’s our set up. I love Astrid (our van) so much.
Jake made us the most delicious dinner. All this was was frozen peas, frozen root vegetable hashbrowns, and a package of Mighty Spark ground chicken. The chicken was a Thai flavored one and it was amazing.
So. Dang. Good.
Did you even go camping if you didn’t have a fire?
We had breakfast wraps on Sunday morning.
Then it was time to pack up and head home. Both of the girls were pretty worn out.
She rode like this for a long time…
Lu slept on our bed most of the drive home. That’s how you know she had a good time…

More car naps. 
And then this happened…all of a sudden Jake looks at me and says, “well, she stopped running”. I’m so glad he was driving…he very calmly pulled over to the side of the road. Astrid just wouldn’t start back up. We aren’t sure what’s wrong, but we are SO thankful that Jake’s Dad came to save us. And Caitlin and Scott, who we had been camping with, stood on the side of the road and kept us company. I felt so bad for our girls because it was SO hot outside. 
These two were happy to be in their Grandpa’s truck with AC. 
Look what my mother-in-law got!! A Frenchie. His name is Tank and he is precious! 
I finally got around to meal prepping around 6PM last night. We are having a chickpea salad (recipe HERE) and pesto chicken sandwiches. 
Breakfast is pumpkin overnight oats. YUM. Recipe HERE
Happy Monday, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    Oh NO! Didn’t you just get Astrid the Astro Van? Didn’t you have an issue with her when you took her on the road trip to the beach … do you think you could find a small RV that is a little newer with potentially less chances of breaking down or being without air conditioning?? I know personally I would never be able to survive a road trip or an overnight without some AC! 🙂
    Good Luck with getting Astrid fixed! 😀

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