Rhea’s longest run + Monday rides are the best + track Tuesday!

Rhea-girl did her longest run ever Monday morning. She knocked out 5 miles with me. I love getting to run with her. I usually split up my runs on Monday mornings between Lu and Rhea, but Lulu did not want to get out of bed when I left. When Rhea and I got back from our run, Lu was pretty upset that she hadn’t gotten her run in, so I took her on a short walk. She was SO happy. 
Oh my gosh. THESE pumpkin overnight oats are delicious.
I was in meetings all day yesterday and our lunch was catered. This honey mustard is my favorite and I took the leftovers from anyone who didn’t use theirs.
Since my lunch was catered, I ate what I would’ve had for lunch for dinner. Half of a chicken pesto sandwich and chickpea salad.
It was delicious.
I love our Monday night tradition of riding bikes with my Dad. We always have a blast.
Jake had a dentist appointment after work yesterday and had a section of his gums lasered. You can see them in this picture. It was nice to relax on the couch for a little bit after work.
My bathroom company this morning before my run.
We knocked out a track workout this morning. It was tough and kicked our butts. We were very thankful for this water fountain. As we were leaving the track, which is at a high school here in town, a bunch of boys were getting there for practice. It was super dark in the parking lot and we heard a super loud crash. A boy on a bike had run into someone who was  walking. They were both in a heap on the ground in the parking lot. We went over to make sure that no one was hurt. I couldn’t believe they both walked away with not even a scratch. The crash was so loud.
When I stopped my watch, it told me I had two new records. One of the records was a fastest mile! Since my running goal lately has been to work on speed, I was pretty pleased with that. 6:21 this morning.
Alex saw this in the grocery store and got it for me. I can’t wait to try it. I love anything with Sriracha.
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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