These throwbacks…+ doctor fun + date night!

Here are the splits from our track workout on Tuesday. We did a 2 mile warm-up, five 800s with a recovery in-between, and a mile and a half-ish cool down. The 800s felt hard, but we both recovered pretty quickly from them. I can’t wait to continue working on speed. 
This throwback made me smile. Between my ridiculously blonde hair and Molly, the dog in this picture, I had to laugh. I got Molly when I was a freshman in high school. She had a seizure disorder and we had to put her down about three years ago. I think Jake and I had been dating for about a week or two when we took her to the vet. I was going to go by myself, but he insisted on going with me. I was so thankful to have him there when I said goodbye to Molly.
This throwback made me laugh really hard. If only I had known that 12 years later, I would be a morning person. I used to be a night owl. I would stay up until 11 or 12, and sleep in in the mornings. That has completely changed. If I can go to bed at 8 every night, and get up at 4, I would be so happy.
Anyone doing the Panther Run this weekend? This will be my first race back post-injury. I am excited! I’m doing the 15k and have never gotten to do this race before. Let me know if anyone else will be there!
Lunch was half of a chicken pesto sandwich and a little bit of chickpea salad.
I had my well woman appointment after school yesterday. These robes…I think I need one for home.
​; ) 
When your 20 pound box of Skratch is delivered… the best day! This is what we use all through our training and during races. We got a variety of things: hydration mixes, recovery mixes, energy chews, some wellness mixes, and some bars. I can’t wait to use all of this. It goes pretty quickly in our house…
Jake went on a bike ride with a friend right when he got off work and we were meeting a couple for a dinner date when he finished his ride, so I loaded up our tumblers for 4 By 4 and hopped on my bike to go meet everyone.
A few of my favorite things – good beer, my bike, this Springfield FitLife tank, and my trucker from Leadville. See that spot on my lip? Rhea head butted me. She loves really hard…
4 By 4 just came out with a new hard seltzer. It is amazing. It’s called Basic Batch, which I absolutely love. If you haven’t tried it, go check it out. It’s pretty dang good!
I failed to get a picture of our group, but I got a picture of our food, so it’s okay. Jake and I shared wings and pizza from The Pitch food truck that is permanently parked at 4 By 4. Everything was delicious. 
Jake and I slept in this morning, so we will work out together when we get home from work. We are excited to have a night at home!
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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