Remember this? + this realllly pisses me off + in AR!

I am dying laughing over these memes. The struggle is so real.
Pre-run coffee with my furry sidekick. Can I vent about something that really pisses me off? I’m pretty sure I got followed on my run yesterday. I’m still trying to give this person the benefit of the doubt, but I’m 90% certain they were following me. And man, it makes me so angry. Why is our world like this? Why do people think they have the right to make someone else feel scared? They don’t. I keep telling myself that maybe it was nothing. Maybe it was a misunderstanding. But I’d rather be over prepared for that kind of stuff than under. Here’s what happened. A white Nissan Altima passed me as it was driving OUT of our neighborhood. It was 5AM, I was alone (with Rhea), and running with a headlamp. They slowed WAY down when they saw me. Like, too slow, not just an appropriate amount. But they drove on, out of the neighborhood, so I shook it off that I took them by surprise or something. Now, in their defense, I didn’t check the license plate, but about 5 minutes later, I was deep in our neighborhood, the opposite way they had been going, and I see this same white car driving down a main street. It kept stopping at all the side streets going off of the main one. I was coming down a side street and the car was passing that street just as I was almost to the main street. The driver must’ve seen me, because they drove very slowly past me and stopped at the side street in front of the one I was on. The car turned down that side street and just stopped. I turned my headlamp off, so they could no longer see me. That’s when they drove off. I didn’t like any part of the situation, so I ran back towards our house. I had Rhea and my mace, but in all honesty, if someone wanted to mess with me, it would’ve been pretty easy. Which is why I don’t typically run alone. This whole thing makes me SO angry. I hate that this is even something we have to think about. So here’s my PSA for the day – be aware of your surroundings. Always. Stupid people are out there. I had all kinds of plans for what I would do, so luckily, I was in a neighborhood. I knew if they came back, I’d just jump up into someone’s yard and stay close to their house. I was thankful for Rhea and my mace, that’s for sure.
How cute is this lunchbox my sister got me for my birthday?
A smoothie and energy bites hit the spot for breakfast yesterday.
This lunch is the bomb. I’m kind of sad I’m out of town the rest of the week. Spinach, sweet potato slices, and a turkey burger, all topped with bbq sauce.
After school, I loaded up my new car, picked up Jake from selling my old one, and hit the road for a conference in AR for work.
I did not want to leave my babies.
I asked my principal if I could drive myself down to the conference since my Grandma is sick. I wanted to be able to get back to her if I needed to. He’s wonderful and had no problems with that, so I got to take my new rig on her first road trip. I listen to old mixed CDs from high school and drove with the windows down. It was wonderful.
Our hotel is pretty sweet!
Not my best picture, but definitely not my worst…this is how I let Jake know I made it to the conference. The hotel was having a complimentary cocktail hour. I made it just in time.
We had the most delicious dinner. I think the restaurant is called Mirabella’s Table. I had the cauliflower bowl with grilled chicken. Highly recommend!
I got up at 4 and was in the fitness center by 4:40. I had the place to myself until around 5. 
I knocked out a little over 6 miles on the treadmill. I did a 2 mile warm-up, 3 x 1 mile at 7:30 with a 400m walk recovery in-between, and a mile cool-down. It was nice to get a little workout in. It definitely helps treadmill time go by a little quicker. 
I am obsessed with this song. 
I kept smelling a weird rubber burning smell, but didn’t think anything of if since no one else in the gym seemed to notice. All of a sudden, this shot out of the treadmill next to me. The girl on it was shocked. It’s a medicine ball! It had been stuck under the treadmill and obviously explained the burning smell…so weird. 
I’m off to day 1 of our conference!
Happy Tuesday, friends!


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