The worst drive + my babies + home!

I told you breakfast is my favorite meal…I had this all week at our conference. Oatmeal, an omelet, and bacon. I always grabbed a banana for a snack, too.
I topped my oatmeal with peanut butter, brown sugar, honey, and nuts.
We worked with our teams during the last day of the conference. I was nominated as scribe, so I took lots of notes for us.
Jake sent me this as I was hopping in the car to drive home. I couldn’t wait to see these two and their Dad!
The drive home was awful. It poured and stormed the entire way. I had a hard time seeing through the rain, so that wasn’t fun. I was so thankful when I got into our neighborhood. I unloaded my car, made a quick lunch, and crawled into bed. I was so worn out. The girls were excited to nap with me. Rhea kept crawling on top of me and just rolling around. It was hilarious.
I slept for about two hours, which was amazing. Then Jake got home and took me out to dinner. He had planned on a fancy dinner, but I was worn out and didn’t feel like that, so we went to Galloway. It’s always the best choice.
I had their special, which was a spicy Nashville chicken sandwich. It was delicious.
Jake worked a bunch of overtime while I was gone, so he was even more exhausted than I was. We crawled into bed the second we got home from dinner. It felt so good to be back home and in our bed!
Happy Friday, friends!

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