Weekend Wrap-up!

Man, I was cranky ALL day Friday. I just couldn’t shake my bad mood. I didn’t have a reason to be cranky, I just was. Maybe I was tired? No clue. This girl tried to make me less cranky. I don’t like being cranky. 
We had a professional development day at school, so I went to Price Cutter to get some goodies from the salad bar for lunch. Never go to a salad bar when you’re hungry! HA! 
Did you see that Eliud Kipchoge ran a marathon in 1:59:40?! HOW WOW. Read about it HERE. His average pace was sub 4:34….4 freaking 34. 
This weather. Yes, please. I got to Sac River for a run Saturday morning and it was a crisp 32 degrees. 
I laced up for my first trail run in 4 months, I think. I couldn’t wait! I was nervous, but also so SO excited. 
There was frost everywhere and it was beautiful! 
I love meeting new people through tail running. We knocked out 30 minutes together. 
After our 30 minutes I went out for another 10 minutes on my own. It was AMAZING to be on trail. I think I smiled the entire time. 
Post-run veggie and egg scramble. 
These eyes…they save her life when she’s ornery. 
Just snuggling the coffee table? Such a weirdo. 
I had a massive smoothie for lunch. I love that we are on a smoothie kick again. 
I am a bad dog Mom…this little girl needs a haircut SO badly. 
I LOVE this. WAHOO Running shared it. You can check them out HERE. It just goes to show how important rest days and recovery are for our bodies. 
I. Love. Fall. I found these pumpkins at Schaffitzel’s Flowers. Aren’t they amazing? 
Guys, these were the best brussels sprouts I’ve ever had. EVER. I took my parents to Best of Luck Beer Hall Saturday night and we shared these. Well, I ate most of them…SO good. 
My Dad loves pretzels, so he got an order of those, too. They were also delicious. 
I got a burger with a side salad for dinner. It was INCREDIBLE. 
Sometimes I like to match my lips to my wine. 
Dinner dates with my parents are a blast. We missed Jake, but he was having fun doing an overnight float with his Dad. 
My Mom wanted to sample my new peanut butter whiskey, so we each had a glass. She loved it as much as I do!
The girls were ecstatic to have my parents over. 
All tuckered out after a fun evening of playing with their grandparents. 
Sunday Runday! I don’t usually run long on Sundays, but since I ran trail for the first time in a long on Saturday, I switched things around and did my long run on Sunday. I didn’t want to over do it with my foot after being on trail. I have used a lot of different gels, but Hüma is by far my favorite. It didn’t bother my stomach at all. I think the cinnamon apple and the mango are my favorite flavors. 
Pepper spray. Always! 
It got pretty warm yesterday, so I stripped down to my base layer. The weather was perfect. I am SO happy to be running again. Have I mentioned that? ; )
I knocked out 12 miles and felt pretty great!
After my run, I polished off my leftovers from Saturday night and added some sweet potato bites to the burger. In my honest opinion, there is nothing better than a burger.
I started on meal prep after I ate lunch. For our lunches, I made spaghetti squash with spaghetti sauce and beef and bison meat balls. I think these are going to be delicious.
If there is a blanket laying around somewhere, this little furball is curled up on it.
Jake got home from his camp float last night. He had a blast. We went to dinner and then went and hung out with my Grandma for a little bit. It was a wonderful Sunday!
Happy Monday, friends!

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