Not much + you need this if your dog has bad breath + doubling up!

I added some pretzel sticks to my lunch of bison/beef meatballs and spaghetti squash. YUM.
I’ve been trying to drink a protein shake as an afternoon snack each day. Yesterday, I had it on the go as I was checking into different classrooms.
Wow. This was delicious, but it was also SO spicy. I guess the “smoldering” should’ve been a clue….
Yesterday was crazy. I had a meeting after school, rushed home, fed the girls, ate a quick dinner, then headed to another meeting. Dinner was spinach, a turkey burger patty, goat cheese, and jalapeños. This may be weird, but sometimes I like my spinach heated up. Hence why it is so wilted…
Friends, if you have dogs who have bad breath, get this. I was skeptical at first, but holy cow, it works! Lu always had bad breath, but it’s completely gone with this stuff. I couldn’t believe it. I got this at Mama Jean’s. You just add a capful to a bowl of water.
Early morning workouts on the floor call for all the puppy cuddles.
I was in meetings this morning at work, so now it’s time to knock out some work. I have girls’ night tonight, which is much needed. I missed a strength workout Tuesday, so I will knock it out today after school – just a little doubling up! 

My Grandma has her PET scan today, so hopefully we know a little more regarding options.

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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