Late birthday presents + friend fun + BRRRR!

I have been on the lookout for mirrored sunnies for a couple of months. I bought probably six different pairs and finally found these. I love them! I got them HERE. They are so comfortable. I have bigger cheeks, so whenever I smile when wearing sunglasses, my cheeks will push up the glasses. I have to find glasses that sit out a little bit further so that doesn’t happen. These are perfect! 
I had a morning meeting yesterday and came back to school around lunchtime. Food is my favorite. 
Rhea-Girl is pretty ornery. I looked out in the yard yesterday after letting her and Lulu outside and Rhea had pulled our huge hose out into the middle of the yard and was ‘contemplating’ chewing on it. I yelled at her from inside the house, where I was doing dishes, and sprinted outside to take it from her. She will literally get into anything. She’s not super destructive, but she just is so nosy and curious. She would’ve been in bigger trouble if Jake had found her. 
I had girls’ night last night, but ate a quick dinner before I met up with the girls. I had my last turkey burger patty and cooked up some brussels sprouts in the AirFryer. I coated these brussels in maple syrup, olive oil, black pepper, and garlic powder. They were incredible. I topped everything with a little bit of goat cheese.
I have been wanting a pair of these Van’s forever. I used some of my birthday money to get them because I got a coupon in the mail. I had originally wanted the black, but then I saw this really pretty deep maroon color, so that’s what I went with. It’s kind of hard to see in this picture, but I sent this to Jake to show him how cute my new kicks are. 
For girls’ night, we went to a new bar in town called Vantage. It’s a rooftop bar and you can overlook Springfield. It is i​incredible. These views greet you when you first walk in the doors.
How incredible is that sunset and skyline? I will definitely go back. I want to take Jake.
It had been way too long since we had all gotten together. I loved getting to catch up with these girls. It was a much needed night out. And when I say night out, I mean, I left at 8 PM. I’ve been so worn out this week, and with getting up at 4 AM, I just need to be in bed early. I’m thankful they understand my weird schedule.
These two were pretty excited when I got back home. I feel bad because I have been running around so much this week after school, I haven’t been home as much as I normally am. I miss them when I am gone.
We got some much needed cuddles in bed before we went to sleep.
I was so excited to get up to run and bundle up. I have missed getting to where all of my fun winter gear. I love THIS vest from Altra. It’s probably one of my favorite cold weather running pieces. It’s longer in the back, too, which keeps your tush nice and warm. Plus, it’s on sale right now! It’s super high-quality. 
Winter running is my favorite. I love it so much. It was 39° when we started our run this morning and it was amazing. 
Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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