Something new + is this a problem? + the lineman rodeo!

Guys, don’t all rush at once, I have plenty of school pictures to go around. ; )
I am doing a mastermind for the next 6 months with some other amazing females. I am so excited and cannot wait to share all the cool things I will learn. I have some big, fun things coming up!
How many Quest chips are too many? Asking for a friend…
This dinner was delicious. I had my leftover brussels from the night before, but I made my favorite shrimp with ghee, hot sauce, and black pepper. The shrimp is seriously the most amazing thing ever. It cooks in about five minutes, too, which is another perk. I put the shrimp over spinach and chowed down.
This dog is such a hot mess.
It was really hard to get out of bed this morning. My hips were really tight, so I spent about 20 minutes foam rolling before heading out for a run.
How incredible is that sunrise? I could’ve stood there all day…if only it would’ve stayed, huh?
I was shooting for 8 miles this morning, but I was just feeling kind of tired, so I quit at 7. The weather was incredible, so I was definitely enjoying that.
I leave for Kansas City this afternoon to go watch Jake and some other guys from City Utilities participate in the lineman rodeo. It’s an international rodeo, so it’s a pretty big deal. Jake is really excited to get to do this with some of the other guys from work. I will take lots of pictures and share all about it on Monday!
Happy Friday, friends!

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