Weekend Wrap-up!

The best dressed little angel girl. I spent part of Friday with my Grandma, Mom, sister, niece, and birth mom. It was a wonderful morning and much needed. We sat around, sipped coffee, and enjoyed some time together. Eleanor is crawling now, so she’s constantly on the move. 
I am a bad dog Mom. Lu’s hair had gotten crazy long. 
Here’s the little princess after her haircut. MUCH better. 
I had a quick lunch of leftover shrimp over spinach, a tilapia filet, and half a sweet potato, then I hit the road for KC. Jake was participating in the International Lineman’s Rodeo in KC all weekend with City Utilities. 
I loaded up the car, packed up the girls to take them to my parents, then was on my way to Jake! 
When you are hungry all the time and go on a road trip….you need all the snacks. 
My sister and her family were staying with my parents for the weekend, so our girls were in Heaven having my sweet niece to play with all weekend. I kept getting pictures like this. I guess Rhea was SO good with Eleanor. It made my heart happy. 
I got to KC and we headed to the convention center for a t-shirt exchange and BBQ. The t-shirt exchange is a huge deal. Groups of linemen came in with suitcases of shirts from their companies to trade with other companies. There were companies from Italy, Canada, and all over the U.S. It was SO fun. 
We had the most delicious BBQ. 
Saturday morning we were up at 4:30AM to get to the rodeo grounds. I had never really seen Jake in action, so I was excited to get to watch him. 
We went to McDonald’s for breakfast. I accidentally ordered WAY too many eggs.. I smothered the eggs in salsa and everything was SO good. 
It was a pretty nasty morning. It was cold, rainy, and muddy at the rodeo grounds. 
The guys were getting all of their stuff ready, so they rocked their rain suits. 
I rocked a super cool poncho. 
There were 4 events each team competed in – two of the events were known beforehand and two of them they found out on Friday. Jake and his team had been practicing the two known events all month.
I got another Rhea and Eleanor picture. I guess these two were obsessed with each other all weekend.
Here was one of the events – hurt man rescue. There were dummies on each of the poles. The guys had to work in teams of three to rescue the dummy. It was pretty cool to watch.
Look how high they are! I can’t imagine working on power lines. All of these men (and a few women) were crazy inspirational. It was incredible to watch Jake in action. I have seen him race, both running and mountain biking, but it was so cool to watch him do what he does every single day.
The cutest lineman I have ever seen. Proud to be a line wife!
One of the tents at the event had huge amounts of jambalaya for everyone. It was amazing. I probably could’ve eaten four bowls of this goodness. It was perfect on a cold, dreary day.
Here they are during their last event. They had to change out a transformer. I am not going to be able to remember the time they finished each of their events in, but they had a cap of 20 minutes to do this one, and they came in under that.
One of the events was a speed climb. They had to climb up the pole with an egg in a bag and that bag in their mouth. Once they got to the top of the pole, they had to drop a bag that was already at the top into a certain area on the ground, then put the egg in their mouth and put that bag that had held the egg on the way up, on the pole. They then had to climb back down without breaking the egg. It was nuts. Jake got his fastest climbing time ever during that event. He finished in 30:52. He told me that when they first started practicing for that event, his fastest time was around 52 seconds. He made huge improvements!
After the rodeo, we went back to the hotel and took a nap. Saturday evening, there was a huge awards banquet. At the banquet, there was this incredible artist. He painted two paintings in about 5 minutes each. His second one was this lineman on a line. Isn’t it so cool?
Our handsome fellas got 5th place overall in their division!
So. Dang. Proud. of this handsome husband of mine! (And all the awesome guys he rodeoed with!) I have a feeling this won’t be Jake’s last rodeo. 
Happy Monday, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    I LOVE how much you are documenting about this time with your Grandma! I unfortunately never knew my maternal grandmother and then my Nanny (step-grandma) passed away a few years ago BUT because she lived in England I didn’t get the opportunity to see her for a few years before she passed. I think when you have kids you’ll love having these memories with your kids! ❤
    I also LOVE that you are so realistic with your eating. I don’t know many other bloggers who would be honest about eating McDonalds! BUT they have pretty good eggs in my opinion! 😁

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