The best snack + Be the Match + rainy run fun!

I saw this meme on Instagram and it made me laugh way too hard.
This is my favorite snack right now. Keeping hot sauce in my desk is the best thing I have ever done. Hard boiled eggs with a little bit of hot sauce on them are so delicious.
I had a friend share about Be The Match, which allows you to do a cheek swab and submit your swab in order to help other who may need a bone marrow transplant. I finally got my kit in the mail and returned it yesterday.
This lunch has been super delicious, but it doesn’t keep me all that full throughout the day. Next week, I’m going to prep something that has a little bit more substance. I am hungry about an hour after eating this lunch.
I slept in Wednesday morning, so my workout had to be done when I got home from school. I knocked it out, finished up all our laundry, vacuumed, and cleaned the kitchen. Last night was my first evening at home this week, so I used it to get caught up on a bunch of things I needed to do.
Jake ended up working late again last night, so I made fish tacos for one. My favorite seasoning of all time for seafood is Primal Palate’s seafood seasoning. It is incredible. Plus, I love that it is a clean seasoning. It’s good on any type of fish.
I love everything that Trail Sisters makes. They just came out with some new winter wear (HERE), so I had to get a beanie. Also, how incredible is this? Within 32 minutes, I had placed my order and it was shipped. Talk about fast shipping! I can’t wait to get my new beanie.
I love having a group of six girls to run with in the mornings. Between the six of us, at least one other person usually shows up. Life happens and things come up unexpectedly, so it’s nice that we have such a big group. Kayla and I knocked out some miles in the rain this morning. She is training for her very first marathon, and I am so excited to watch her through this entire training cycle. She’s going to do amazing.
I have a training after school until a little after five, then Jake and I are having date night at home and finishing up our Halloween costumes. We have a Halloween party to go to on Saturday, so we are excited to see everyone and get to dress up. Any guesses on what we will go as this year? The first year we were dating, we went as Forrest Gump and Jenny. Here’s a picture of us. 
We didn’t dress up the second year, because we had been at a concert with some friends. I think this year is going to be one of my favorite costumes yet!
Happy Friday Eve, friends!


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  1. Becky

    Hello! Can you and Kayla share more about marathon training? I would like to do my first marathon and would love to get more information about the process and your experience with it.
    Thank you for sharing!

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