Conference fun + come support at our bake sale + concert fun!

Last day of this lunch was yesterday. You really can’t beat pizza and salad. I think we are going to have taco bowls for lunches next week!
I have a lot of teachers that I get to work with this year. I love getting to spend time in their classrooms, but things are so crazy around school, I feel like I never get to be in their rooms. I made a new Google Doc so they can request me in their rooms at certain times. They seemed excited about, so I can’t wait to see it in action. I also go to a lot of meetings during the week, so I never know what to expect week to week. I hope this helps! 
I am SO excited about this! Come join us on November 2nd for a bake sale!! Trail Sisters Springfield will be providing all kinds of delicious goodies and ALL of the proceeds will go toward purchasing feminine hygiene products to stock bathrooms at our local trails. How cool is that?? Come see us at Great Escape Beer Works on November 2nd between 12 and 4!
Dinner last night was delicious. We had salmon with brown sugar and chili powder, brussels with maple syrup and black pepper in the AirFryer, and zucchini fries with onion powder and a little bit of Lowery’s salt, also in the AirFryer. It was so yummy.
We finally got to have a dinner together at home. It was so nice!
After dinner, we got a few things for our Halloween costumes, then it was back into comfy clothes and parked on the couch to watch a little bit of Netflix. Jake is feeling a lot better, so that makes me happy. Now I’m just praying that I don’t get whatever he had…
My foot (and no not my bad foot, eye-roll) was bothering me a little last night. I iced while we watched Netflix. It seems like there’s always something flaring up. It’s not an injury pain, but it’s just something that feels a little off. I woke up this morning and my foot felt back to normal! Sometimes a little ice and rest is all you need.
It’s kind of hard to see, but these two are chewing on the same tennis ball. They are a hot mess.
This memory popped up and made me smile. I used to teach seventh grade English and coach eighth grade girls’ basketball. We had an amazing season, so at the end of it, the girls got to pie myself and the other coach in the face. They sure loved getting to throw pies in our faces. My hair smelled like whipped cream for almost a week. It was awful. I miss these girls!
My girlfriend, Kallie, and I are going to see Miranda Lambert tonight! I am so excited. Elle King is also going to be there, and I have wanted to see her for years. We are going to have such a blast. And then it will be up to run Saturday morning with my Trail Sisters. Jake and I are both excited to have a weekend at home together. We will definitely be spending some time with my grandma. We haven’t gotten any updates lately on scans and things, but the second we do, I will share them. She did finally get started with hospice, so it’s nice that she has someone taking care of her. She has spent her life taking care of others, so she deserves a little bit of care herself. Keep those prayers coming! 
Happy Friday, friends!

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