Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend was a busy one! It was full of concerts, Halloween fun, and family time. Friday was a crazy day because we were interviewing for a new assistant principal at school, so I was in interviews from noon until 4 PM. I ate a super quick lunch about 11:30, then it was lots of interviewing. Lunch was leftover tilapia and brussels over spinach.
I saw this license plate on my way home. H8RTOT? No clue.
My friend, Kallie, and I went to see Miranda Lambert Friday night. Before we went to the concert, she and Coty, her boyfriend, had us over for dinner at their house. Kallie is a vegetarian and she made the best meatless chili ever. It was so delicious.
This was our second time seeing Miranda Lambert together and we were so excited!
We had to get a group shot with their pup, Charlie. Charlie was a little camera shy and didn’t want to look at the phone…
Elle King opened for Miranda Lambert. All of the ladies who performed were awesome!
We worked our way down into the pit, and had a blast dancing and singing.
Jake and I grabbed lunch together Saturday afternoon. We went to Galloway because I was craving a good burger.
After lunch, we ran some errands to finish up Jake’s Halloween costume for a party we went to Saturday evening. We went to Kohl’s and they had some massage chair sitting in the aisle. Of course we had to test out all three of them. I think we sat here and got massages for about 20 minutes…
Any Fight Club fans out there? Jake and I went as Marla Singer and Tyler Durden to Kayla and Wade’s Halloween party. Here are our finished costumes. The only thing we weren’t totally happy with was Jake’s wig. We had the hardest time finding one in the right color and length. We had to get a long wig and just cut it, and it was a little too dark for what we wanted, but it worked!
Here are Marla and Tyler in the movie. If you haven’t seen Fight Club, you need to watch it. It’s a classic. It’s a movie you need to pay attention to, just FYI.
How awesome is this costume? Katey and Katie were hilarious trying to walk around the party in this get up. They’re riding a roller coaster. 
I loved Kallie and Coty’s homemade costumes. They had signs that said in one ear and out the other. Ha!
It had been way too long since I had seen this pretty gal!
We obviously missed her.

The hostess with the mostest! Kayla and Wade always host a Halloween party each year and it’s such a good time. I think this was the third year? I love this tradition!
Jake and I got home a little bit before midnight and slept in until about eight. It was incredible. I got up and headed out for my long run. I had 12 miles to do, so I knocked out  my first 2 with Lu. 
I dropped Lu off and got Rhea, and we headed out for 6 miles together. It was Rhea’s longest run and she was definitely toast by the end. We stopped for a drink break and she got to drink out of the creek by the park.
I dropped Rhea off and headed out for 4 miles on my own. It was incredible to run in the sunshine. I ended with 12 miles at about a 9:00 pace. They all felt like recovery miles and went by super quickly, so I am thankful for that. I’m slowly getting back into shape.
After my run, I got started on meal prep. I had thrown chicken breast into the crockpot when we got home Saturday night around midnight, and I am so thankful I did. We are having chicken taco bowls for lunches, but I didn’t have to wait on the chicken to cook since it had cooked all night, so these were crazy fast to prep. They have shredded chicken, spinach, corn, diced tomatoes and green chilies, black beans, and jalapeños. I will probably top mine with some Primal Kitchen ranch dressing.
Our breakfasts this week our protein pumpkin muffins. I think these are going to be delicious. I followed THIS recipe. I doubled it since I didn’t want to have to bake again this week.
A bunch of my family was in town to spend time with my Grandma, so everyone came over to see our new house. My Grandma was with them and was in a lot of pain, so we ended up taking her back to her house so she could get some pain medicine. I hate seeing her in pain. Once she got the medicine, she started acting like herself again. It was so nice to get to hang out with everyone and just enjoy their company.

​It’s a busy week, I will be at school late tonight and Tuesday night. We are out of school next Monday, and I am already looking forward to having a day off. I hope I can spend most of the day with my Grandma.

Happy Monday, friends!

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