These two…+ MNR + friends!

Rhea Is so funny in the mornings. I will wake up and she will be as close to me as possible, just staring at me. The second I open my eyes, she will start barrel rolling over the top of me. It cracks me up. She’s just such an aggressive cuddler.
I didn’t quite get my phone out in time, but Lu was standing underneath Rhea. I was dying laughing. They stood like this for a long time.
Oh buddy, these muffins are delicious. I will definitely be making these again. I love that they are only six ingredients. I shared the recipe HERE.
This lunch was also delicious. Shredded chicken taco bowls and protein chips. I topped the taco bowl with Primal Kitchen’s ranch dressing and it was maybe the best decision I’ve ever made. ; )
My friend, Michelle, sent me this. She told me I should do this photo shoot to celebrate one year of being graduated and finished with my dissertation. I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t considering it. I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since graduation. You can read about my graduation HERE!
We haven’t been able to ride together the past few Mondays, so I was pumped to get to hop on my bike with these two last night. I love that my Dad enjoys riding with me and Kayla.
I had planned for us to have beets last night for dinner, but since they take so long to make, I prepped and baked them Monday morning while I was working out. I’m so thankful I did. We didn’t eat dinner until about 7:30PM last night, which is super late for me. Thank goodness fish cooks quickly. We had tilapia tacos and beets. YUM. 
I knocked out 2 miles on my own, then met Alex and Kayla to do a tempo run (it was Kayla’s workout). Kayla crushed the tempo and I cannot wait to watch her race her half marathon this weekend. As we were finishing our run, she had to go to the bathroom super bad, so we took this picture to show her that we missed her. HA!
Jake and Rhea also ran this morning, so they finished up about the time we did. Kayla made it back in time to get a group picture. If we don’t take a picture, it didn’t happen, right?
We haven’t taken a post-run selfie in awhile. It was chilly and rainy this morning, so I couldn’t get warm after our run. I think I stood in the shower for about 10 minutes just letting hot water warm me up.
Happy Tuesday, friends!


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    Our Australian Shepard is the most aggressive cuddler ever. She forces her love upon everyone, especially when she hears my alarm go off in the mornings. Straight up snuggle game is on!… and they all must sleep like the picture above.

    • Chelsea

      Oh my gosh, that is JUST how Rhea is! SO funny. I love it! I didn’t know they were so loving/cuddly. I love it! 🙂

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