Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend was incredible. I got to relax on Friday, run long and spend time with friends and family on Saturday, and Sunday we got to spectate the best bro marathon, meal prep and relax, and spend more time with family. It was wonderful. Friday after school, I went straight to packet pick-up for my race this weekend. They always double-up packet pick-up with marathon weekend, so I got all of my stuff ahead of time. Here is the shirt. It’s pretty cool! I have not been on trail except for one 4 mile run in about 4 months, so we will see how this goes. HA! I am going into it without any expectations and to just enjoy running on trail again.
This is my favorite weather. A little chilly with all the sunshine. It’s perfect.
Friday was wonderful. It was so nice to just be in my sweats all night and not have to do anything. Jake met a friend for a drink while I baked for our bake sale. I took a break from baking and had some leftovers for dinner. A burger patty topped with sloppy Joe meat and some veggies on the side.
When I finished baking, I opened up one of my new coffee stouts and sat on the couch to relax. Any other stout fans out there? This one is pretty good.
I failed to get a picture of the bars I made, but I made pumpkin muffins and chocolate chip pecan pumpkin bars. These muffins were delicious, and the batter was amazing. I made myself sick from eating too much of it. Worth it.
Muffins wrapped and ready to sell!
We all met up Saturday morning to run together. We knocked out for chili miles while Iris’s daughter rode her bike with us
Alex needed 10 miles and I needed 13, so we ran six together after our group run, and then I knocked out three on my own. We both use Hüma gels for fuel while running, so we had to snap a picture of us with them. These are some of my favorite gels because they are easy on my stomach.
These make me cry when I see them, but I am so thankful I have them. My Grandma used to leave sweet comments on everything I ever posted up until she got sick. I love that Facebook and Timehop exist so that we can see these memories. I will cherish them forever.
I was starving after my run on Saturday, so I came home and ate the rest of our leftovers before heading to the bake sale.
I showered and got ready, Alex and I decided to wear our new Trail Sisters beanies. This is seriously one of the most comfortable beanies I have ever worn. You can find them HERE.
All ready to go! Huge massive thank you to Great Escape for letting us take over their space for our sale.
We ended up making $332! We couldn’t believe it. People are so wonderful. Every cent of that profit will go to purchasing feminine hygiene products to put in our local trail bathrooms. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Look who I got to cuddle! This is Brandi’s son, Banks. He is so precious.
Jake came by the sale in the afternoon and brought this furball. She has to always be touching one of us.
On Sunday, there was a huge marathon and half-marathon in town. The marathon went right through our neighborhood, so we bundled up and headed over to Jake’s Dad’s house to spectate and cheer on the runners. This marathon was my very first marathon (and my first half), so it was fun to spectate and cheer on others as they raced.
Anytime a runner would go by, Lu would stand up on her hind legs and look like she was swimming. I said that’s how she was cheering on the runners. I think she had a lot of fun watching everyone run by.
Two Trail Sisters crushing it!!
Kayla also crushed her half-marathon. She had a huge PR and did so great!
After we spectated for a while, we came back home and got started on some chores around the house. Jake worked in our garage and I got started on meal prep. We are having protein pancakes for breakfast this week. They are only two ingredients! So easy. Are used half a cup of the Kodiak Cakes pancake mix and one scoop of protein powder to make three pancakes. I used Vanilla Ice Cream protein powder in these. SO delicious!
Here’s the recipe for three of them. These were so quick to make, and I love that they are only two ingredients.
For lunches we are having wraps. I baked all of these, so everything will be crispy. I topped the tortillas with hummus, spinach, turkey, and turkey bacon.
Sometimes you just need pizza bagels for lunch. And wow – so delicious!
Sunday night, I went over to spend some time with my Mom and Grandma. We had a blast going through some of my Grandma’s things and hearing her tell us stories about them. Here we are looking at her silver and getting to hear about some of the parties she threw where she used them.
Jake and I headed to dinner Sunday night at Brew Co. We are in the Mug Club, and realized we hadn’t been there in way too long.
They got a new menu and I am so impressed. I got something called the Root Down and it is a bunch of root vegetables in a bacon vinaigrette. It is incredible. I added a chicken breast to mine and I loved it.
We are out of school today and tomorrow! Today we are totally off, so I slept in until 6 a
nd relaxed in my robe and sipped on coffee. It was SO nice. I am headed out for a trail run here in a little bit. I cannot wait to get on some trail! I have a trail race this weekend, so another day on trail might help a little bit. I’ve been on trail once in 4 months. HA!
Happy Monday, friends!


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