Trail time + sweet potato nachos + get you one of these!

I love these pancakes, but they’re a little dry. I will definitely play around with this recipe to see if I can make them a little bit better. They are super dense and the flavor is amazing, so I love that about them.
The girls and I lounged around yesterday, which was amazing. Then this gal and I loaded up and headed to hit up some trail. Rhea makes me laugh so hard in this picture.
We had so much fun spending our morning at Two Rivers. I worked with Rhea been off of her leash and I was so impressed with her.
There’s no hiding these smiles. Rhea did SO incredible being off her leash. She listened so well and would stop when she got too far ahead of me to wait on me. I absolutely loved our miles together. She made it so fun. 
Someone was living their best life at Two Rivers yesterday. Any time we came across a creek or a puddle, she would jump into it, take big gulps, and cool off. I loved watching her.
After I run, we loaded up in the car and came home to have lunch. Lulu was definitely a little bit jealous. It’s always really hard for me to take one of them and leave the other. I feel bad. Lunch was a crunch wrap and protein chips.
This is one of my favorite dinners and I kind of forgot about it. These are sweet potato nachos. I sliced four sweet potatoes super thin and cooked them in the AirFryer. While those were cooking, I chopped and cooked three chicken breasts. Once the sweet potato slices were cooked, I layered them with the chicken, raw steak, sweet peppers, onion, and goat cheese. We like our steak medium-rare, so I didn’t want to cook it because all of this went into the oven at 375 for about 15 minutes.
I topped our nachos with avocado and we chowed down. Jake had a salad with his. These are so dang good.
Jake came in from working in the garage while I was cooking dinner. He gave me a smooch and told me that I looked pretty. I was in baggy sweats with my hair up in a crazy bun. Man, I am lucky to have him. Get you a man who compliments you when you don’t look all that great, ha!
We have a professional work day today for school, so I’m headed to some meetings, then back to school for some time to work! 
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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