Goals + that should be fun…+ Grandma time!

I am so close to hitting my 1,000 mile goal this year! Just two more miles to go! I love that Strava keeps track of all of this for me. I didn’t know if I’d hit it since I was out of running for so long. 
Two tuckered out puppers. Lu shoves herself into pillows whenever she naps.
We had a little girl gang run early Tuesday morning. We knocked out 6 miles together around my neighborhood. We said we would run slower, but as we got started, I think we were all excited to be running together, so we definitely started out a little fast. Ha! We could feel that by the end of our run.
Protein pancakes for breakfast before my work day for school yesterday. I didn’t have to be at my first meeting until 8:30, which is an hour later than I usually need to be at school. It was nice to have that extra time in the AM! I vacuumed and got our plants all watered before leaving for the day.
Ooooh, this will be fun on Sunday…nice and cold, HA! At least our race is Sunday morning. Dogwood has a few water crossings – the first is within the first mile. It’s freezing cold water, too. Nothing like cold, wet feet for a few hours.
I had meetings all morning for work, but the meetings were at a school close to our house, so I came home for lunch. I added some hummus to my protein chips. 
I was still hungry after lunch, so I made protein coffee with some leftover coffee. It hit the spot. This is just one scoop of collagen and one scoop of protein powder in with my coffee. I blend it using a hand blender I have. So tasty! And a great way to get in a little extra protein.
I went to my Grandma’s after school yesterday. She had gotten out some of her old yearbooks and we had so much fun looking through them. Isn’t she so beautiful? She was crowned the homecoming queen of her college one year. She’s such an amazing person.
A terrible flu was going around the year she was homecoming queen, so all of the homecoming festivities were canceled at the last minute. They took some pictures of her holding up a thermometer to document all that had happened.
My Mom read some cards to my Grandma later in the evening. She has so many sweet friends sending her kind messages full of scriptures and prayers. My Grandma loved listening to everything from her friends.

​i’ve been meaning to share stories from every visit with my Grandma and I keep forgetting. She is still so witty and funny. The other night Jake and I walked in to see her and Jake asked her how she was doing. She said, “Ima fixin’ to run with you, but you can’t run too fast”. HA! She keeps all of us laughing pretty hard.

My Mom was getting ready to take a shower yesterday and had to run out of the bathroom right before she got into the shower to grab something. My Grandma laughed and exclaimed that my Mom was a streaker. I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face. I love that we are still able to make memories despite the crappy circumstances.

I came home and had a quick dinner of leftover sweet potato nachos. These are still good just warmed up the second night. Win-win. I love leftovers.
This is why I love sharing things on my blog and social media. It makes me so happy to see people loving the things that we love. This was about the sweet potato nachos that I shared yesterday. They are so good!
I sent this picture to my Dad. He is Lu’s favorite
person ever. She misses him.
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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