Meetings + green smoothies are the best + this damn ankle…

These breakfast tacos/burritos are amazing. I prepped all of them on Saturday, wrapped them in paper towels, and put them in the fridge. They keep all week and we just heat them up each morning before we eat them. It is a requirement that you douse them in hot sauce. It just makes them incredible.


I forgot to take a picture of lunch because I ate it super quickly before heading to a meeting. After my meeting, I headed home and got in a little lifting work out, then made this huge smoothie before going over to my Grandma’s house. The greener the smoothie, the better. I got a new protein from Optimum Nutrition and the flavor is Vanilla Ice Cream. It is so delicious. The smoothie was like having a milkshake, but without the bellyache. Win-win.


My Grandma was having a better day than how it looks in this picture, ha! She was listening to someone on the phone and they were explaining something, so she was really concentrating. I made a Mexican bake and took it over for her and my Mom last night. I got to sit by her, feed her and enjoy listening to her stories. She was being pretty sassy last night, and made some joke about flipping someone off, so I showed her the Friends secret flip off – you know, bumping your fists together? If you are a Friends fan, you know what I am talking about! She did it to my Mom a few times as a joke and we all were cracking up. I know she doesn’t always have good days, but we sure love it when she is feeling more like herself. My Grandma would never EVER flip anyone off, which made all of this just that much funnier. One thing I love about having this blog is that I will be able to look back on all of this forever.


I was so excited to run with these two this morning. It was a little bit warmer than it has been, which was amazing. We knocked out 6 miles together. At mile 5.5, we stopped at a stop sign to wait for a car. I stepped off the sidewalk to give the girls room so that we could all stand by each other, and I stepped in a huge hole and tweaked my damn ankle. It dropped me to my knees, which I think really scared the girls. I’m okay, But I am so tired of this ankle not being 100%. I have to be really careful. We found the hole that I had stepped in and it was filled with leaves. Alex said was deep and up to her mid-calf, so we were all thankful I didn’t hurt my ankle more than I did. We walked a little bit and then slowly jogged to finish up our 6 miles. One day, I will not sprain, twist, or tweak my ankle. I was excited to run trail this Saturday with all the girls, but now I’m thinking I might need to just stick to the road. We will see how things go. I showered and iced my ankle this morning, and will ice throughout the day at school.


This week is flying by and I cannot believe that today is Thursday. We have a dinner date at a friend’s house tonight, so that will be a blast. We live about half a mile from each other, but never see each other. It’s ridiculous. More of my family will be in town this weekend, so I will spend some time with them at my Grandma’s house. Jake’s mountain biking club, MORC, has an event on Sunday. It’s called Thorn-A-Thon. You can read more about it HERE. Come on out! It’s fun to spectate, even if you don’t ride mountain bikes.

​In other news, I think I found my first gray hair this morning. I made it to 31 before finding one. I can’t tell if it’s gray or just super, super blonde, but I really think it’s gray. Sad day. 

One last note – I am in the process of changing some things up on my blog, so if it is unavailable at different times today, I apologize! It’ll be back! 

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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