My Grandma + niece cuddles + Dogwood!

I realized yesterday that a bunch of things from my blog didn’t transfer over. I am working on it! It shouldn’t affect anything, but I just wanted to give everyone a heads up in case something becomes weird. : )

Yesterday was a blur at school! I spent most of the day in different classrooms, so that always makes the day fly by. I am always so amazed by our teachers. We work in a pretty rough school – our kiddos deal with a lot that kids shouldn’t have to – our teachers are incredible people! Lunch was eaten in 5 minutes and while on-the-go!


Explicit language alert!

My Grandma had a hard day yesterday. She was pretty miserable and out of it. My Mom, sister, Jake, and I were there after school for awhile together. At one point, my Grandma was trying to say that she felt yucky. She said, “I feel fucky.” Then she looked confused and goes, “fffffuuuck, yuck, yucky. Wait, what did I say?” We laughed and told her she had said fucky. She smiled and said, “Oh no…I didn’t meant to say that.” So from now on, that is the word we are using to describe all of this. Because it’s true!


I got to love on my sweet niece while we were there. She fell asleep on me, so we cuddled for a long time. (My sister and brother-in-law don’t want Eleanor’s face shared on social media, so this is all you get for now. Ha!) Her little belly is getting chubby and I love it.


My Mom has all of these glasses at my Grandma’s…it made me laugh. She’s always misplacing her reading glasses. I guess this huge package of them ensures she always has at least one!


My Mom and Grandma were able to share some special moments yesterday. It was kind of an emotional night. My Grandma keeps telling us that she is ready to be in Heaven. She told my Mom that she thinks she has one day left. The hospice nurse came over and took her vitals, but they are still pretty strong. We keep telling my grandma that we are at peace, but that it is up to God when He will bring her home. I told her yesterday that He is probably mentally preparing himself for her sassiness. She liked that and laughed, and said He wasn’t ready for it. Thank you for continuing to pray for her and our family. We love you guys.img_6191

I stayed and hung out with my Mom and Dad at my Grandma’s for a little bit. We are supposed to be going to Florida over Thanksgiving, but we do not want to be away from my Grandma. I am not sure what we will end up doing or what will be happening, so we are just taking things a day at a time. Jake went home to be with our dogs and start on dinner for us. When I finally got home, I walked in to this delicious dinner. He is so wonderful. He made us a skillet unstuffed pepper.img_6202

It was bison, chopped up peppers, and onion. He also made a delicious salad.img_6205

The pictures from Dogwood were emailed out last night. If you need a good laugh, zoom in on my face in this first one. You are welcome. ; )img_6194-1



The smile is genuine, despite how bad my legs were hurting.


The last thing I wanted to do this morning when my alarm went off at 4  was get up and run. I just felt drained and was exhausted. BUT, I knew a run would make me feel better and I have never EVER regretted going on a run, but I have definitely regretted not going on one. I met these girls for some miles together. It was 54°, which felt incredible.


Shorts on November 21st? I’ll take it! I started in a long sleeve shirt and had to  take that off after a few miles, so I ended up in shorts and t-shirt.


I look forward to my morning coffee every night. I usually go to bed excited to wake up and have a cup of coffee. Anyone else do this? Do I love coffee too much?


Happy Friday Eve, friends! Hug a loved one today.


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  1. Kris

    Ask G’ma if she recalls her nickname of “”Honey”. My Mom often called her this. When Carlene was visiting with my Mom at Lyle’s funeral, she said to her, “Well Bernice if I don’t see you again I will see you in heaven” and they gave each other a big hug. Mom is waiting for her !!

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