Weekend Wrap-up: Tuesday edition + Rhea’s FIRST Birthday!

Sad day…our plant bit the dust…now I need a new one to put in its place.


These are delicious. I got them from Thrive Market. I could eat this whole bag in one sitting…


On Saturday, after we left my Grandma’s house, I came home and crawled into bed. I got lots of love from Lu and Rhea. I spent a few hours watching Friends and just thinking.


After watching Friends for awhile, I told Jake I needed to get out of the house. We loaded up the girls and met some friends at 4 By 4 for a drink, then headed out for dinner. It was nice to be around everyone and kind of take my mind off all that had happened. My parents and sister headed to Florida around 3PM on Saturday afternoon, so I was feeling a little lonely. Being with our friends helped! We slept in Sunday morning, then I grabbed coffee and lounged in bed for a few hours. I never get to do that and it was SO nice.


If I’m in the bathroom, this is where Lu will wait for me.


Zero privacy…ever.


Not sure why the quality of this picture is so bad, but I finally headed out for my long run on Sunday. I normally run as soon as I get up, but I was enjoying being lazy. I knocked out 14 miles in the sunshine and thought about my Grandma.



After my run, Jake and I headed to Brew Co for lunch. They have a new menu and the Rootdown is delicious. I’ve had it twice now and loved it both times. It’s a variety of potatoes, carrots, and brussels, drizzled in a bacon vinaigrette. I always add chicken to it. Highly recommend!


After lunch, we ran some errands, then came home and finally got around to hanging some pictures.


I love how this one turned out!


This sign says, “I choose you. And I’ll choose you, over and over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I’ll keep choosing you.” I loved it. We hung it in the hallway outside of our kitchen.


Dinner was random leftovers – spaghetti chicken bake and brisket.


Someone shared this on Facebook and it made me smile. I know my Grandma is having the best time in Heaven getting to see all of the people she lost years ago.


We have a huge window in our living room and I love when the sun shines in through it. My Grandma gave me a bunch of her plants, so I smile every time I see them.


When you’re too lazy to meal prep and need to eat on the go – these are the bomb. Another Thrive Market find.


I had a training for school all day yesterday, but while I was there, I got this email from our vet. With everything going on, we totally spaced on it being Rhea’s 1st birthday! I felt terrible. Thank goodness our vet sends these reminders out!


How precious was this pup? She’s the absolute best girl. I always said I wouldn’t have a dog that shed, but now I can’t imagine our lives without her. Rhea-Girl, we sure love you, sister!! <3


She did not love this hat, but I came home during my lunch break to love on my girls and celebrate Rhea a little bit.


These are delicious. Another Thrive Market find…


Lunch was a coconut wrap with rotisserie chicken, goat cheese, and turkey pepperoni, with protein chips on the side.


Since my family is in Florida, I met the Hospice people at my Grandma’s yesterday for them to pick-up all of the equipment my Grandma had used. It was hard to be at her house by myself, but it was also comforting. It’s hard to explain. I was glad my Mom didn’t have to be the one to do that. After that, I headed home, had dinner with Jake, then we just relaxed all night. His family came over to hang out with us for a little bit since we will be gone for Thanksgiving – we are heading to Florida to meet my family. I leave tonight and Jake leaves Wednesday.

This memory popped up on my Facebook this morning. Love you, Grandma! <3


My mother-in-law asked about this stuff, so I wanted to share it again. It is seriously amazing. It works SO much better than I thought it was going to – if your dog has bad breath, get this.


I woke up to meet the girls to run this morning and was so tempted to hit snooze and bail. I knew I’d feel better after getting a run in, so I made myself get up, grabbed some coffee, and got ready.


We knocked out 6 miles together. Also, shorts and a t-shirt at the end of November?! No way. The weather was beautiful this morning.


I am headed to another day of training, then dropping the girls at the kennel and hopping on my flight to Florida!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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