The sweetest memory + stress eating + my people!

I had a super special moment last night. I was getting ready to leave and grabbed one of my Grandma’s necklaces to put on. Once I had it on, I remembered that it was a locket, so I opened it up. Inside was a baby picture of me. It made me smile and hurt all at the same time. I miss you, Grandma! Thank you for this sweet reminder.


I am so obsessed with these oats. I look forward to them every morning. I mean, I always look forward to my meals, but I really, really love these. Plus, birthday cake protein powder has sprinkles in it. What more can you want?


We had another busy day at school yesterday. I felt like I was in and out of meetings all day. Usually when that happens, the day flies by, but man, this week is DRAGGING on. Probably because we just came back from Thanksgiving break and are getting ready to go on Christmas break. I just feel like the days are going by so slowly...

I had lunch at some point!


Then I stress ate a little candy.


Lilies are my favorite flower. They have been for years. When I got home from my meeting after school, this beautiful Peace Lily was waiting on my front porch. My sweet birth mom, Dawn, sent this to me in memory of my Grandma. I am obsessed. I will cherish this plant for a long, long time. Thank you, Dawn! I love the plant and I love you! Grandma Carlene would have really enjoyed these flowers, too.


Here I am next to the plant for scale – it’s massive!


I had an Open House with FEM last night, which is the female entrepreneur mastermind I am a part of. It was so fun to meet some incredible local ladies and hear about all the awesome things they are doing. My FEM family got me this beautiful plant, also in memory of my Grandma. It means so much to me. I used to not like plants because I killed everything I ever had. A few years ago, I started keeping things alive and now I am majorly obsessed with plants. Between my own collection, all of the ones I got from my Grandma, and these recent gifts, I am in heaven. Our house is full of plants and it is the best. Thank you, FEM! <3


We knocked out an easy 4 miles this morning. I am thankful I had these girls to meet up with because I 100% would have turned my alarm off and gone back to sleep without them. Low-quality pictures, high-quality miles. Rhea joined us, too – she got kind of cut out of the pictures.



I will spend most of the day today in an 8th grade classroom helping out, so hopefully that helps my day go by quickly! I am ready to relax later. I have a few things to do after school, but I definitely want to get to bed early tonight.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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