Mostly food + a sweet surprise + gloves or mittens?!

I LOVE this breakfast casserole. I was eating it yesterday at school and a coworker came into my office and asked if I was eating Chinese food for breakfast, HA. He said it kind of looked like fried rice from where he was standing. It made me laugh. Definitely not fried rice, but just as delicious…maybe even more so!


Sometimes you need to wear a cheetah cardigan over your school sweatshirt. I was chilly all day yesterday after our cold run in the morning, so I bundled up with anything I could find.


I added half a bag of leftover popcorn to my lunch yesterday. It was the best decision. I just crave crunchy things at lunch. Chips are such a weakness for me.


I had a faculty meeting after school yesterday, then it was home to have a super quick dinner before going to another meeting. I was out of zucchini noodles, so I used green beans in their place. This used to be one of my favorite meals, so I want to bring it back and have it more often. I love replacing spaghetti noodles with green beans…it’s so delicious. I had more of the meatballs I made with marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese on top of my green beans.


How pretty is this grazing board? Lavish Grazing put it all together! I had a meeting with some local female business owners last night, so we got to snack on this while we chatted. It was incredible.


While I was sitting in the meeting, I got a text from my Grandma’s phone. I knew it wasn’t her, but my heart still skipped a little bit when I saw her name pop up. I guess my family is canceling her phone plan, but my sister was going through and sending everyone the pictures of us that my Grandma had on her phone. I love this one from our wedding last year.


Are you a gloves or mittens person? I don’t really like wearing either, but if I have to choose, I think I prefer mittens over gloves. I do think that gloves keep my hands the most warm, but they annoy me. My hands seem to sweat the most in them, too. Gloves and/or mittens are the first things I take off on runs.


When your dog thinks your gloves are a treat…


Early morning miles with some of my favorite people (Rhea is by our feet)! I got up at 4AM today and it was definitely harder to get up than it was yesterday when I got up at 3:45AM…hmmm.


Happy Wednesday, friends!

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