Sunrise + sharing + thankful!

How incredible is this beautiful sunrise from this morning?


Okay, back to yesterday’s stuff. I forgot to take a picture of my breakfast, but we all know it was that incredible casserole. Recipe HERE. I heated it up in my office and everyone commented on how good it smelled, so I ended up sharing the recipe with about eight people. They said it was going to be the perfect breakfast to make to feed a lot of people over the holidays. I love sharing! I told them that sharing that recipe yesterday was originally why I started this blog. I was always finding the most delicious recipes or awesome workouts and I wanted to share them. I love that this blog has turned into a very public journal, HA! I really do enjoy having all of my memories in this space.

Anyway, lunch was another chicken gyro with some protein chips. I like these chicken gyros, but they aren’t my favorite. I didn’t want to make tzatziki sauce, so I bought some pre-made, and it’s just not the same. I think they would be better with a homemade sauce. Lesson learned!


We had an intruder drill at school, so we got to escape and enjoy a little bit of sunshine.


Dinner last night was the last of the meatballs I had made on top of cauliflower rice, peas, and leftover green beans. I used to dislike peas, but now I think they’re tasty. I topped everything with spaghetti sauce and Parmesan cheese. I love meals like this. and it is so quick and easy to throw together. All of those veggies had just been in our freezer. I made Jake a meatball sandwich and he said it was amazing.


I know I say this all the time, but I really mean it. I am so very thankful I have a group of girls that are willing to run in the mornings. Our group has grown to about seven girls who show up regularly! It’s so nice having a group that big, because if someone has something going on or needs a little extra sleep, there is still someone to run with. I met Jordan at 4:40AM and we ran two miles, then met Kayla and ran six together. Eight miles knocked out before 6 AM!


Since it’s Friday eve, we treated ourselves to coffee after our run. I kept talking about the macadamia nut latte from Architect Coffee, so the girls wanted to try it. It is the best thing ever. It’s macadamia nut milk and a little bit of honey, that’s it! So delicious. I also grabbed a black coffee to take home  to Jake.


We leave tomorrow to go to Iowa for my Grandma’s burial. It has been kind of strange having everything drawn out so long, but it has also been kind of nice. We have gotten an extra long time to think about her and say goodbye. It will be a very fast trip to Iowa – we come home right after the burial Saturday afternoon, but it will still be nice to see my family and say our final goodbyes.

Happy Friday Eve, friends!


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