Snow day fun + pictures hold the best memories + plantain nachos!

Yesterday was wonderful. I spent a long time in the morning with this as my view. Snow days are even better as an adult.


I feel this on a very real level.


Jake and I worked around the house yesterday, getting all kinds of little projects finished. He spent most of the day in the garage, working on our gym, and I organized a bunch of different things my Mom had given me from my childhood and I went through my shoes. Jake says I have a very real shoe problem, but I reminded him that I had maybe bought four pairs of shoes since we have been together. These are all shoes I have had since high school or college. I just keep things! It’s a problem…


We took a break for lunch – I had green bean spaghetti. Green beans, ground turkey, and spaghetti sauce. So good!


While I was going through some of the things my Mom had saved for me over the years, I came across a ton of photo albums. I think my Mom has a photo album from each year of my life. I went through every single one last night, which was super fun. I got to show Jake all the embarrassing pictures of myself, which I think he really enjoyed. I also found some really special pictures like this one of my grandparents. I think I was a junior in high school. I’m so glad my Mom documented everything – maybe that’s where I get my picture-taking obsession from!


I also found this one when my Dad had me try a Cuban cigar when my family was on vacation. I didn’t love it…


I love this picture of some of my high school friends. We all stay in touch, which I think is really special. High school produced some of my most treasured friendships.


We ventured out of the house around 4PM to run a few errands. It took 20 minutes for Jake’s truck to defrost.



I found some huge scarves that I had been missing, so I was happy about that discovery. The bigger the scarf, the better.


I made one of our favorite dishes last night, plantain nachos. They’re so easy to make and super delicious. I lined a baking sheet with foil, sprayed it with a little bit of non-stick spray, spread out a bag of plantain chips, topped that with a little bit of cheese, browned ground beef, onion, sweet peppers, and goat cheese. I baked all of this on 400° for about 20 minutes. That’s it! So quick and easy.


YUM. This is one of our favorites. We didn’t have any leftovers, but the leftovers of this dish are incredible, too.


After dinner, we watched Christmas with the Kranks, which is such a cute flick. I wasn’t sure if they would call off school today or not, but I thought they might because the temperature just kept dropping, so nothing would be melting. I fell asleep around 9:30, but woke up at 5:00AM to a missed phone call from 10:30PM saying that school was canceled. I went back to bed, which was awesome, but I am excited to knock out a snow run later. Snow runs are my favorite! I think the pups loved the extra cuddles this morning.


Happy Tuesday, friends!

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