Snow day #2 + The best protein coffee + impromptu date night!

Even two weeks in a row, I love this dang casserole. Another bonus – I can eat this before a run and it doesn’t upset my stomach! I have a super sensitive stomach when it comes to running after I have eaten, so I have to be really careful what I eat if I am going to run later in the day. I am so happy that this is something else I can add it to the list of things that don’t bother my stomach.


Since we had our second snow day yesterday, I slept in, relaxed while staring at our tree, cleaned up around the house, then headed out for a snow run. Snow runs are my favorite. I was so, so excited to go play.


The fact that the trail is less than half a mile from our house AND we get these views made my heart so happy. I was the only human prints for a while, which is always a blast.


Running in the snow made me so happy. This is a strange season of running for me. I am not training for anything, and sometimes, I don’t even look at my watch until my run is finished. It is both freeing and unnerving. I am just running for the sake of running, which I haven’t done in a long time. As of right now, I am not signed up for any races until September…I’m sure I will find something to do before then, but for now, I am enjoying my carefree running. I think it’s important for our bodies and brains to have breaks like this occasionally.


After my run, I did a little lifting workout, then had lunch.


I added a little kombucha on the side. I have been working on this bottle for about three days. Any other kombucha lovers out there? I keep saying I’m going to try to make my own, but it just seems intimidating. Maybe one day…


I did some more work around the house, then made some protein coffee. I used my new protein powder, the chocolate peanut butter cup from Optimum Nutrition, and holy cow it is incredible. I use THIS hand blender when I am making protein coffee. I add a scoop of protein and a scoop of collagen. It is one of my favorite snacks.


I put up a few more Christmas decorations, too. We have get-togethers Friday and Saturday night, so I am excited to see all of our friends.


We ran some errands when Jake got home from work, then headed out for an impromptu date night at Cesar’s. Cesar’s is one of our favorites and they just moved into a new space, so we were excited to go check it out. The have the BEST sangria I’ve ever had. If you like sangria, get it from Cesar’s Old Mexico. You can thank me later.


I also get an al pastor taco and a chicken taco sans tortillas. So. Dang. Good.


Can you guys believe how sweet this voicemail from Jake is? ; ) HA! When you can’t find your phone and use your hubby’s to find it, you leave yourself a voicemail like this from his phone.


This is one of my most cherished pictures. This was from last year when I graduating. My Dad and the head of my committee/mentor/life saver BOTH got to hood me at my doctoral graduation ceremony. It was so special having them both up on stage with me. This graduation was definitely my favorite.


We are back in school today! I have a feeling it’ll be a busy/crazy day – I’m also out for half of the day for a meeting, so the day will probably fly by!

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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