Trying a new routine + this dinner was pretty delicious + gal pals & coffee!

I forgot to take a picture of my breakfast yesterday, but it was a piece of that delicious egg casserole. The morning at school was kind of crazy after being away for two days, so we played catch-up and tried to get a bunch of kids finished with a middle of the year test they are working on. After testing kiddos, I took a break for lunch. Green bean spaghetti and vanilla coconut yogurt.


After lunch, I had a meeting with other learning coaches in the district, then I headed to the Y. I didn’t run Wednesday morning, because I had a sore hip, but it loosened up throughout the day, so I wanted to get a few miles in and lift. I’ve been struggling with motivation at home to lift, so I went to a Body Pump class at the Y. I’m going to try to make it to this class at least once a week. I used to go to this class all the time and I really enjoyed it. I got my station set-up, then jogged for 20 minutes before class started.


Here’s a blurry indoor track picture.


Jake and a buddy had been on a bike ride, and Jake texted me as my class was ending, saying they were at Great Escape having a beer. Great Escape just came out with a new nitro stout that I have been wanting to try, so I met them there for a beer before I got started on dinner. It is pretty dang good!


While I started on dinner, Jake ran a couple of things to our storage unit. We spent my first snow day going through things, which felt really good, so we wanted to store a few items we weren’t sure what to do with. We had my favorite brussels, which have honey and balsamic vinegar on them, and I made salmon patties.


I didn’t really follow a recipe for the salmon patties, but I will share what I did. I just mixed a big can of salmon with one egg, Primal Palate’s Seafood Seasoning, and a little bit of shredded cheese. I formed little patties and just cooked each side for 8 to 10 minutes in a skillet. They turned out pretty good! I topped them with a little bit of Primal Kitchen’s BBQ Ranch.


We had a little bit of peanut butter for dessert, so we both have mouths full of peanut butter in this picture.


Lu loves peanut butter, too.


I honestly do not think that this view will ever get old. I love this time of year so much.


It was up at 3:45AM to get in a little bit of foam rolling before I met Jordan at 4:40AM to run a couple of miles before we met the group for our regular 6 miles. I love that we are able to get in a little bit of a longer run on Thursday mornings.


8 miles knocked out with this awesome group before 6AM. It feels pretty good to accomplish that early in the morning. We all grabbed coffee after our runs, and we couldn’t pass up this photo op. I am thankful these girls let me take all the pictures.


Today is our last day with kids at school – we just have a professional workday on Friday. I think we have a movie for part of the day and then a Christmas assembly, so I’m not sure how much work I will be able to get accomplished today. I am definitely ready for break!

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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