A helpful graphic + food + weekend plans!

I was just telling my girlfriends that I struggle with what to wear each time the seasons change. It’s like I forget what I did last summer/winter for certain temperatures. Summer is easier because you can just rock shorts and a sports bra, but I have such a hard time getting dressed for winter runs. I found this graphic a few years ago and I think it is really helpful! A few of the items are too much for me, but I would always rather have too many layers than not enough – you can always take something off! I wanted to share it here, in case anyone else struggles with layering during these cold months.


You know yesterday was a busy day when I literally only have pictures of my food…HA! I am going to share this recipe one more time – a few people have made it and told me they loved it, so I know Jake and I aren’t the only ones. The recipe is HERE– we did not put gravy on ours and it is still DELICIOUS.


We had a potluck at school yesterday. I brought my lunch with plans not to eat anything, but I NEEDED something crunchy, so I grabbed some chips and some of my favorite spicy crackers. They were both delicious.


I also snagged some Pepper Jack cheese to put on top of my own lunch, but I was full from all of my snacking, so I only ended up eating about half of this. Whoops! I love to snack, so being able to graze on crunchy things and sweets all day definitely won over my healthy lunch. I paid for all my snacking later in the day – I was SO sick to my stomach. Did I mention I ate 4 Oreos? My body was not happy with me…


Jake and I hadn’t been to Galloway in WAY too long, so we went there for dinner last night. We both got burgers, which were incredible, like always. It was so nice to catch up with everyone there and just get out of the house for a little date night.


We have a fun get-together planned for this evening! Come hang out with Trail Sisters Springfield – contact me or Alex (@trailsisters.spfld) for a location. We’d love to have you!


Today is also my LAST day of work before break. WAHOO! We get almost two weeks off. I am so pumped. We dropped my car off last night to have some work done to it, so I can’t wait to get her back today.

I finally get to join my Trail Sister’s group for some trail time on Saturday – I cannot wait! It’s been WAY too long since I’ve been on trail – I think the last time was the Dogwood race in early November. It is much needed! I will still be careful with my ankle, but it will be amazing to explore a little bit.

We are having some friends and family over on Saturday evening, so that will be a good time, too. It will be a good, busy weekend to kick off break!

Happy Friday, friends!

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