Winter Running Gear Overview!

I shared the other day how I feel like I always forget what to wear during runs in the winter. I had a few people request a winter running guide, so here it is! These are some of my go-tos for winter running. Everything, except for one item – the bluetooth headlamp, are things I personally own and use on almost all of my winter runs. At the end, I also share a few nutritional/extra items I like to use. I hope this is helpful! Just click on the picture for ordering details.


This vest is the BEST. It’s longer in the back and covers your tush for extra warmth.

This vest is another one of my favorites. It’s shorter, but a little bit more insulated. Plus, it’s on sale right now!

These fleece-lined pants are incredibly warm. And comfortable!

These gloves.

These buffs/bandanas. I wear these over my ears, over my mouth, or to keep my neck covered in the winter. I also use them to keep sweat out of my eyes during the summer. Best. Things. Ever! They come in a variety of colors/patterns, too. Just click the picture!

These socks. I wear these year-round. They keep my feet warm in the winter and dry when running through water or sweating. LOVE them.

This ear warmer band. I switch between beanies and ear warmers, but this is my go-to ear warmer. Blocks wind AND keeps your ears warm.

This beanie. I like my beanies longer, so I almost always get ones that fold, just in case I want to pull them down further.

This other beanie. A little more expensive, but definitely keeps your ears/head warm.

This head lamp. I run with mine every single day. Hello, safety on 5AM runs!

This head lamp! WOW. I don’t have this, but it’s bluetooth enabled – same as the one I do have. I am intrigued!

These trail shoes. Even if I’m running on the road, if it’s snowy or slick out, I will wear my trail shoes. The extra traction really helps keep you more stable.

These snow chains for road running. I will throw these on if it’s icy and I’m running on the road. You can wear these with trail shoes or road shoes.

These snow chains if it’s slick on trail. They’re a little beefier, with longer spikes.

This energy gel is my all-time favorite flavor – it’s mango. I love Huma Gels because they have never upset my stomach and they taste amazing. I’ve been using them for about a year now and I am sold.
This is the variety pack for the Huma Gels, if you want to try a few different flavors.
This is what we wash all of our workout gear with…it really does save the materials and keep things working how they should.
This chapstick. I am a chapstick addict and this is what I have used for the past 4-5 years. I always carry a tube with me on runs.

I will continue to share links to items I love as I come across them, but I think this is a pretty thorough list of winter running must-haves! Here’s the layering guide graphic again. I use this most mornings!


Happy Monday, friends – and happy running!

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