TS Girls night + our holiday get-together + Christmas 2019!

I took the last few days off from blogging, so I have lots to share with you today! Let’s rewind all the way back to last Friday, which was my last day at school. We had a professional work day and a holiday lunch, then we were able to get out of there and start our Christmas break! I love workdays because I don’t have to do anything to my hair and can rock a hat.


We had a pretty delicious lunch, then I grabbed all of my stuff and headed out the door.


Jake and I went to pick up my car, which had just gotten her windows tinted. She looks amazing. I love how they turned out!


On Friday night, trail sister Springfield had a holiday get together at our house. It was so fun to see everyone and we had a bunch of delicious food. I made these little grinches in a Santa hat, they didn’t turn out as cute as the ones on Pinterest, but they were still pretty tasty.

I love Christmas decorations.

The girls were anxiously awaiting everyone’s arrival.

We had a wine and appetizer night, so everyone brought a bottle of wine and a delicious appetizer to share. We had so much good food! This was our little wine station. Even my towels were in the spirit.

 I failed to get any pictures of our group, which I hated, but we had so much fun together. Alex brought her two pups over, so mine were pretty tuckered out when everyone left.

Saturday morning started with a trail run! I hadn’t been on trail since my dog would race, and Alex and I couldn’t remember the last time we ran trail together. Do you think got some new signage, which looked amazing. It was so nice to knock out some trail miles with this gal. My ankle felt really great the whole time.

Saturday night, we had a family and friends holiday get together at our house. I wanted to make some Jell-O shots with rum Chadha, but they didn’t have the Jell-O that I wanted at the store, so I went with a pudding. It was OK, but definitely a little too strong. This is what I used to make the putting.

We loved getting to see everyone and enjoy lots of good food. I didn’t take very many pictures…which never happens.

Sunday, I helped my mom go through some of my grandma’s clothes, and then that night, Jake and I had a date night. We went to dinner, then loaded up the girls and drove around to look at Christmas lights. They loved it. After we drove around, we took the girls over to Jake’s parents so they could play with their dogs. It was so much fun. The girls were pretty wiped out.

 Jake had to work on Monday, so the girls and I slept in, had a delicious breakfast, hung out around the house, and cleaned a little bit. It was a very relaxing day. In the second picture here, they are sharing a tiny little spot of sunlight on the floor. It made me laugh really hard.

 Monday night, we had a date night with our friends Kallie and Coty. Kallie cooked all kinds of deliciousness, then we headed out for a drink. It was a great way to start Christmas break (Jake was off the next day).

We celebrated Christmas with my family Tuesday afternoon, but before we did that, Jake and I hopped in the car, grabbed breakfast, and drive around. On our way to my parents, we stopped back by our house to grab the girls and load up all the presents. I love this picture of the two of them staring out the back of my car.

We had a delicious lunch with my family. I brought some leftover chili from our get together, and my dad made his famous beef and noodles. Everything was so tasty.

It was so much fun watching Eleanor open up her presents. She loves Elmo, so Jake and I got her a little Elmo on the go toys so she can have him with her wherever she goes. She loved it. She kept giving his nose big kisses.

Rea was half cuddling her dad, half wanting the toy.

Piper said I could not dress Eleanor up in cheetah, but I couldn’t resist. I had to get this adorable bow. Piper texted me and said cheetah is winning her over, because Eleanor look so cute in it. Huge ant win!

After Christmas with my family, we spent Christmas Yves at Jake’s parents. They always have a big dinner with everyone, and it is so much fun. They got this dip at Sam’s and I literally could not stop eating it. So dang good. We also had lots of other delicious food.

Then it was time to head home and crawl into bed. Our hearts and bellies were very full.

We got up early on Christmas morning, and headed back to Jake’s parents to have our Christmas with them. Chelsea, Jake sister, loves sloths. She got a bunch of fun sloth things, including the sloth heating bag. She fell asleep with it when we went over to Jake’s grandma’s, so I had to document it. We had even more delicious food here.

Jake’s mom got me this huge canvas print of everyone from our wedding. I love it.

After Christmas with Jake’s family mom’s family, we headed over to Jake’s aunts house for Christmas with his dad’s family. We had even more delicious food. His aunt made this incredible cranberry cheesecake. Isn’t it so pretty? It was so nice getting to spend time with everyone.

After lunch, we ran home to get the girls, and headed back over to my parents to spend Christmas night with them. Our Christmases may be busy, but they sure are wonderful. When we got to my parents, we decided it was so nice outside that we needed to sit on their porch. The guys had scotch and cigars and my mom and I had pomegranate cosmos. I had gotten my mom a pomegranate mixer for cosmos, so I wanted to try it out. My poor mom has had a really terrible sinus infection the past few days, so she was pretty miserable.

For dinner, my parents had done a big shrimp boil. They also had some leftover turkey and cheese, so I made this little charcuterie board in about three minutes. It was nice to have something light for dinner after eating so much all day.

Our Christmases may be busy, but we wouldn’t have them any other way. Our hearts are so full after being able to spend so much time with our families. Merry Christmas, friends!

Here’s few throwbacks to our Christmases over the years. Christmas 2018. 

Christmas 2017.

Christmas 2016. Our first Christmas together!

I definitely had a few hard moments over the holiday missing my grandma. She would have been at all of the activities with us, so I definitely noticed her not being around. I know the holidays can be hard sometimes, so if they are/were hard for you, I am sending you a big hug.

I have been a little bit lazy the past few days. I don’t think I have knocked out a run since Saturday. I just haven’t felt like it, so I have been letting my body have a little bit of a rest. Arrest timed with all of the food I have been eating lately is not the best mixture, but I just felt like I needed some time to do nothing. It’s been pretty nice! I think I will take Rhea on a trail run today, so we will see how that goes. I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions, but I do love that the new year (new month, new week, whatever!) allows us to set intentions. I am definitely going to start 2020 dedicated to my health and being intentional about training/recovery, but in the meantime, I am enjoying some down time. 

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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