Lazy day + in denial + back to Iowa!

I had another wonderful lazy day yesterday. Since I have been eating food I don’t normally eat, my acid reflux has been absolutely awful. I had planned to take Rhea on a trail run, but my acid reflux flared up and we were just enjoying being lazy, so that didn’t happen. I’m OK with it! It was nice to get some things done around the house and just chill. I made a super yummy egg and veggie scramble for breakfast.img_7140

I knocked out a bunch of laundry and cleaned our floors. Then I took a break to watch Netflix and do a facemask that I had gotten for Christmas. How attractive is this?img_7146

My face felt really great after the facemask. My skin has been super dry this winter, so I needed a little extra moisture. I also need some sun…


Jake and I headed to Galloway for dinner, and I had one of my favorite salads – their chicken Caesar. So. Good.


After dinner, we headed to reverie to enjoy some Christmas drinks at their Christmas bar. I am in straight denial that Christmas is over. They had some of the most fun drinks and the atmosphere is adorable. Turns out I love eggnog!img_7151img_7152

There’s no one else I would rather be with to explore new places.


After our fun Christmas drinks, we headed over to my friend Adrienne’s house to spend some time with her. We have been friends since I was in kindergarten, but she lives in Chicago, so I don’t get to see her as often as I would like. It was so wonderful to sit and catch up with her. Then it was home to crawl into bed with our girls. I got this new blanket for Christmas and Lu has already taken it over for herself.


We leave for Iowa again today, because my sweet cousin, Libby, is getting married tomorrow! I cannot wait to squeeze my family again.

I am out running all of the errands today so that we can leave as soon as Jake gets off work.

Happy Friday, friends!

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