The past few days + getting back into it + hello, 2020!

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day! I have a feeling 2020 is going to be an incredible year.  Let’s get caught up on our past few days. I have been making super delicious egg and veggie scrambles with goat cheese. SO. Good.


And getting lots of puppy cuddles.


On Monday, I helped my Mom packed up a few more of my Grandma’s things, then we grabbed lunch at Schlotzsky’s. I had forgotten how much I loved that place. We shared a sandwich and chips.


For dinner Monday night, Jake and I were craving Mexican food, so we headed to La Paloma. It was delicious. I got one of their taco salads and inhaled it.


Rhea is very obsessed with her Dad.


Tuesday morning was exciting because Alex finished up her year-long running street! We all got together to finish out day 365/365 for her. We ended 2019 with 5 miles together.


After our run, I had another veggie and egg scramble with goat cheese. These have eggs, beets, zucchini, mushrooms, chicken breakfast sausage, and goat cheese.


Then it was time for a nap with these two.


I had a few people ask for a before and after picture of that mascara I have been using, so here you go! This is after just one application of the mascara, I usually do too. It is seriously amazing. Click on the picture of the mascara for a link to purchase. It’s a dollar or two cheaper through this link.


On Tuesday afternoon, I met Jake for lunch at Panera. It was so fun to be able to meet him in the middle of the day. I had to Pick Two and had a sandwich and a salad –  I love when restaurants offer this option.


After everything that has gone on the past few months and all of our traveling, I told Jake all I wanted to do for New Year’s Eve was to grill at home, do a puzzle, and just relax with him. He agreed, so I picked up this fun puzzle for us.


One of my favorite snacks is hot pepper jelly over cream cheese, so Jake grabbed all of the stuff to make that for us on New Year’s Eve. We used this jelly, and holy cow, it is crazy spicy. I couldn’t eat very much of it, but it was delicious.



Jake grilled some of the most amazing steaks, and I made my favorite brussels and a salad for him.


This meal was incredible.


I gave both of the girls a bone on NYE. I ended up falling asleep on the couch around 10:30 PM, and crawling to bed around 11. Jake said he stayed up till midnight, and came in to give me a smooch, HA! I was just so sleepy I couldn’t stay up. We woke up on New Year’s Day to Lu in our bed with her bone. Jake said she wouldn’t leave it alone when they all went to bed and slept with her head on it all night. Eye-roll.


We didn’t finish our puzzle but we made some good progress. We both really enjoyed working on this. Puzzles are hard!


Our New Year’s Day tradition consists of going to Springfield Brewing Company for their Mug Club Brunch. It is a free brunch for anyone who is a member of the Mug Club. It is always so much fun. We get to take our old mugs home and have our first drink in our new ones.


I love this tradition of ours!


We had a wonderful New Year’s Day, just hanging out and spending time outside. We met our friends Kallie and Coty for lunch, then came home and worked on our budget for 2020. We have some big goals for the year, so we both want to be more intentional about budgeting and spending our money. We are both really excited to see what happens. We had leftovers for dinner, so I cut up our steak from New Year’s Eve and made big salads. They were delicious.


These have leftover steak, spinach, carrots, hemp seeds, goat cheese, Primal salad dressing, and balsamic glaze.


After dinner, we sat down to watch The Ugly Truth. I had seen it before, but Jake hadn’t. It is such a good flick. Lu made herself beds on various pillows throughout the night.


I am off to take Rhea on our first trail run of the year, as long as the rain holds off. I am so excited! I didn’t fall asleep until almost 2:30AM last night, so I’m dragging a little bit, but I have a pretty big to-do list today, so it’s time to get started on it.

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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