Weekend Wrap-up!

On Sunday evening, Jake and I were talking about what a wonderful weekend we had. It was the perfect amount of busy and we got to spend time with a lot of the people we love.

Friday morning started with some sleeping in and a massive smoothie for breakfast.


This is where Rhea chose to nap.



Friday was my last official day of Christmas break, so I spent it relaxing, cuddling my girls, and getting in my first lifting workout of 2020. I am using this notebook this year to keep track of my training. My Mom gave it to me last year for Christmas and it is covered in pineapples. I love it.


After my workout, which made me sore almost instantly – HA – I had lunch. Asian broccoli and BBQ chicken.


After lunch, I put on a face mask and took an Epsom salt bath. It was so relaxing.


My Garmin fitness app told me that my fitness age was that of a 21 year old. I might feel out of shape, but I’ll take it!


My parents came over for dinner Friday night, so the girls anxiously awaited their arrival.


We had elk and chicken fajitas with guac and chips.



Lu is happiest when my Dad is with her.


After dinner, we worked on our puzzle a little bit more, while also discussing some budgeting ideas.


I also foam rolled. Wine was necessary because of how sore I was! ; )


I am obsessed with this song right now.


Saturday morning started with a Trail Sisters run. We knocked out 6 miles together and it was so nice to catch up with all the girls.


After my run, I was STARVING, so I came home and made a massive veggie, egg, and sausage scramble.


Then this little one and I loaded up and knocked out some errands. She loves being in the car. Jake had taken Rhea on a 10 mile run, so I didn’t want Lu to feel left out.


After errands, I made some protein coffee, which is one of my weaknesses. I just add a scoop of any protein (I am loving chocolate peanut butter right now), and a scoop of collagen, then blend. SO delicious.


Then the girls and I crawled into bed with my protein coffee and took a nap. Don’t worry, I finished the coffee before we fell asleep.


My sister sent this picture of my niece and said she is ready for her first run with me. Isn’t her little tush adorable in these? I love her so much.


Lunch has been delicious this week. Asian broccoli and BBQ chicken. YUM.


After lunch, Jake and I had a smoothie for a snack, then he worked on our van and I knocked out some computer work.


Saturday evening, we headed over to Mitch and Dawn’s for a wild game feed. It was incredible. We had dove, elk, goose, squirrel, craw fish, and lots of other delicious things. How cute is my birth Mom? I introduced her to Skrewball peanut butter whiskey and she is just as obsessed with it as I am! img_7377

We had the best time with everyone – we met new people and got to try all kinds of amazing new foods – all of our favorite things.


Part of our Christmas present this year was elk that Mitch hunted. It has been SO good. Here is the elk we are enjoying.


Sunday morning consisted of sleeping in and meal prepping. We are having smoothies for breakfast this week. I decided to prep our smoothie stuff ahead of time this week to see how much time it saves. These containers have protein powder, collagen powder, cashews, and shredded coconut – our smoothies are Cashew Coconut Lattes. They are SO good. img_7382

At some point on Sunday, I had lunch – I have loved having this food ready to go each day. img_7385

After lunch, I started on our lunches for the week – we are having chicken taco salads! We have both been craving salads, so I think these will help curb that craving. Lettuce, spinach, black beans, tomato, and chicken.


When I finished meal prep, I knocked out laundry, then hopped in the car to enjoy the sunshine.


Dinner Sunday night was the rest of our leftover elk and chicken fajitas. I topped them with a little bit of goat cheese. img_7396

Jake’s sweet Aunt Michelle got me this ornament for Christmas. How beautiful is it? I will cherish it forever. Thank you, Michelle! 59996484557__020b666f-9a1c-43f0-9a0c-3aa934af6134.fullsizerender

The fuzzier the vest, the more I want it. img_7399

Now it’s back to work!

Happy Monday, friends!


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  1. Julie

    Hello! Can you share what brand of collagen you use. I am trying out some collagen right now and I am not sure if I am really seeing any benefits. I paid $65 for a month supply and I am willing to try it for another month but I was looking around and noticed there are other brands with similar amino acids for a cheaper price. I am also curious of the benefits that you have noticed from collagen. Love reading your blog.

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