Under the weather + workouts help + gal pals!

I had all the beverages with me at school yesterday. I didn’t sleep well Sunday night and woke up feeling pretty crummy, so I chugged coffee and water all day.


We had a super busy day at school yesterday, just getting back from break and getting back into the swing of things, so the day flew by. I took a break at some point for lunch and had my taco chicken salad.


I hadn’t felt well all day, and after not sleeping well, the last thing I wanted to do when I got home was workout. However, I knew doing a little bit of something would make me feel better, so I did a mile warm-up run and then lifted.


This little furball was cheering me on from the backyard. Rhea always stands like this and anyone who walks by our fence pets her. She loves it.


Here is the workout I did.


My workout did make me feel a little bit better, but I was still feeling kind of crummy. I made a super quick dinner of elk Sloppy Joe’s, and we had the meat mixture on top of green bell peppers. It was so delicious. We also had some zucchini bites on the side.


After dinner, Jake and I started a new show on Netflix. We started Dirty John, which I guess is a show based off of a podcast. I don’t normally like scary, suspenseful things, but it isn’t too bad, so I am enjoying it so far. After we watched an episode, we crawled into bed. Then it was time to get up and get in a little bit of foam rolling before my run. Anytime I am on the floor, the girls think I am down there to play with them.


Lu stood directly under Rhea for awhile.


Lulu might be better at selfies than I am. I am so proud.


They are always fighting over this tennis ball.


So thankful for this group of gals! We knocked out 6 miles together this morning.


Happy Tuesday, friends! 

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