On the mend + all the bread + easing back into it!

My running girls sent this picture to our group. Another one of the girls that runs with us has the same flu, so our group was missing a few Tuesday morning.


Jake and I were both home from work yesterday. I woke up feeling a little bit better, but still not 100%, and Jake still felt pretty awful. I think it was good for us to rest and take it easy one more day. I am ready to be back at work!

When you haven’t eaten much in about 24 hours and all that sounds good is something sweet…Panera frozen mocha for the win!


Jake and I shared two breakfast sandwiches for breakfast and lunch. We couldn’t eat both of them at breakfast. Our stomachs are still a little iffy when it comes to food…


I can tell this girl hasn’t gotten the play time/run time she normally does. She’s been extra ornery. But you can’t even get mad…look at this face!


Jake slept most of the morning, which was so good for him. Lu kept him company. He finally got up in the early afternoon and then joined me in the living room. I spent the day on the couch.


Jake sent this to me yesterday. I guess it’s pretty true. I’m not super nice when I get up…this meme made me laugh pretty hard.


Can you tell who is the favorite?


We ventured out of the house for a few minutes in the late afternoon and it felt SO good to get some fresh air. We didn’t last long, but I think the fresh air was good for us.


We haven’t eaten anything I prepped for the week, but that’s okay. A lot of foods don’t sound great right now, but grilled cheese and tomato soup sounded good last night, so that’s what we had!


Should we be flu models? Even though the flu sucked, there’s no one else I’d rather suffer with. HA! I mean, I wish neither of us ever got the flu again, but at least we had each other. I woke up this morning feeling WAY better, so that’s wonderful.


Here is our smoothie set-up! Both Jake and I make our smoothies, so this helps us keep track of what goes in them. I portion out all the dry ingredients when I meal prep, then we just throw everything else in the morning of. It saves so much time in the AM.


I have an early meeting at school, so I was there an hour early. I wanted to try and get a short run in today, but it didn’t happen this morning. Maybe this afternoon! I’m going to ease back into it, that’s for sure.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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