I just love food + day 1 of training + a busy week!

I was off school yesterday, so I slept in until about 7 AM, then grabbed a cup of coffee and worked on my training plan. After a little bit of coffee, I had a breakfast smoothie, all while lounging in bed. It was wonderful. Yesterday was day one of marathon training! I still have no clue what race I am training for, but I am hoping to find a local-ish one in the late spring.


I spent the entire morning in bed, working on my computer. I am teaching one online course this semester at a university in St. Louis, so I spent about two hours making sure that was ready to go. Around 1 o’clock, I realized I hadn’t eaten lunch, so I heated up some of the Paleo chicken pot pie I had made on Sunday. It was delicious.


Around 3 o’clock, I decided to knock out my work out. I did a mile warm-up, then did a lifting workout with half mile recoveries in-between. I ended the day with a total of three easy miles and a pretty solid strength training workout.


I am so happy to have my treadmill back up and running. No pun intended.


I played around with speed during my half mile recoveries, which helped make that portion go by pretty quickly. That is one of my tricks whenever I run on the treadmill. I have to play around with the incline and/or speed in order to break the run into chunks.


I was starving after my workout, and we had some leftover pizza that was going to go to waste, so I had a piece of it. I think these two furry monsters were jealous. It hit the spot. I am trying to cut back on dairy, but I hate wasting food, so I couldn’t just throw this away. I can tell I’ve had more dairy than I should, because I am breaking out. Dairy seems to really affect my skin. 


I was still hungry about 10 minutes after eating the pizza, so I had a small bowl of dry cereal. Snacking on dry cereal is one of my favorite things, but I kind of forgot about it. I think I will stock up on some cereal this week at the grocery store.


We had wings again last night, but this time I baked them. I baked the wings at 375° for 50 minutes, flipping them once. I didn’t put anything on the wings before they baked. After they baked, I put them in a sauce made of honey, Sriracha, and coconut aminos. They turned out so amazing. I like these better than the ones we had on Sunday night in the AirFryer. I also made some cauliflower rice risotto. Well, I call it risotto, it just has a little bit of Parmesan cheese added to it, along with a Cajun marinade and some portobello mushrooms. It was incredible. This dinner was the bomb.


I showered, straightened my hair, and did a spray tan, all before dinner! I use THIS self-tanner and love it. Especially in the winter, when you just NEED a little color. After dinner, I relaxed on the couch, sipping on a Bubly.


Someone stuck pretty close while I foam rolled. She’s a pretty big helper, in case you couldn’t tell by this picture. ; )


Real feel of 7°? Suuuure.


All bundled up and ready to meet the girls!


6 miles of speed work with these babes to start our Tuesday!


Happy Tuesday, friends!

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