Family love + so sore + treadmill time!

How many coffee mugs is too many? Asking for a friend…


I had another coffee protein smoothie for breakfast, which we have both loved this week. They are so delicious. Recipe HERE. I had a morning meeting at school, then it was a pretty busy day. I was starving around 10:30 AM, but I made myself wait until 11 to eat lunch. More Paleo chicken pot pie with some honey nut Cheerios on the side.


A little after lunch, I got the worst headache. I don’t know if it was from staring at my computer all day or from the incoming bad weather we got, but nothing would kick it. I will say, these glasses help a lot with my headaches from my computer. I shared all about my very first migraine HERE, which happened when I was working on my dissertation. During that time, I was staring at my computer for most of the day, so I think that is what caused that first migraine. I got these glasses from my eye doctor, but I think they are just blue light glasses with a little something extra in the lens. I’m not really sure what else they did to them. But they help, so I am going to keep wearing them! I am on my computer most days, but very rarely get bad headaches like I did yesterday, and I really think that is in part due to these glasses.

Dinner last night was more Chicken Fajita Soup. Recipe HERE. Jake finally got to have some and he LOVED it. I topped ours with plain Greek yogurt, half an avocado, some Parmesan cheese, and Sriracha. Mmm.

Look who was finally home with me for an evening! Jake worked until about 3:45 AM Tuesday night, so we were missing him. We relaxed on the couch after dinner, which was wonderful. We have both been pretty tired this week, he has an actual excuse to be tired, I don’t…

This little baby needed lots of cuddles last night. I remember when Lou was not into cuddling when she was younger. I don’t like to think about her getting older, she will be seven this year, but I love how she has gotten more snuggly.

My calf was still pretty sore last night, so I iced it for a while and then put Biofreeze on before I went to bed. I did an arm workout before dinner, but I was careful to avoid anything with my legs.

The girls and I had planned to meet to get some miles in this morning, but when we woke up there was freezing drizzle, so we all decided to do our own thing. I wanted to get 8 miles in, so I hopped on my treadmill. My calf felt really good until mile 4 1/2, so I stopped at five. I just have a strained muscle, but there’s no need for it to turn into anything more than that, so I’m not going to push it. The girls stuck pretty close to me while I ran. Rea finally did the one thing I have been worried about since using my treadmill – she dropped a toy on it as I was running. I am just thankful I saw her do it and was able to avoid stepping on it.

I have some exciting news to share, so that will be in my post tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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