All the snacks + I only think about food + run date…maybe!

Still over here just loving these vanilla chai smoothies. One scoop of vanilla protein powder, one scoop of collagen, a banana, handful of spinach, 5 to 6 ice cubes, half a cup of almond or coconut milk, and half a packet of chai tea latte powder. I shared a link to the powder yesterday. YUM.


I finally finished stuffing envelopes yesterday. I have ALL of the paper cuts. I am so thankful that chore is over. I think I stuffed a total of 478 envelopes.


These crackers were a substitution with my grocery order for the week. They are not as good as Cheez-Its, but they are still pretty delicious. Jake did not like them, so I brought the box with me to school, which was not the best idea. I’ve been so hungry this week, so I have been chowing down on these. I need to portion them out next time...


Jake and I have both loved this lunch for the week. Two tuna packets and half of a salad kit. It is also super filling. I love using this type of stuff for our lunches when I don’t want to spend a long time meal prepping. 


At least I am not alone in my love of food. Chinese food sounds so good. I need some crab Rangoon’s in my life.


It’s not Chinese food, but it’s still pretty good. Carrots and PB Fit for a snack.


Cassie sent over some goodies from Panera, so I have been snacking on bagels since Sunday. I look forward to this snack all day...


This meme made me laugh pretty hard. Totally relatable.


Much needed couch cuddles after work.


We had the rest of our Hawaiian Chicken for dinner last night. I loved how easy this meal was. I will definitely keep it in our rotation.


Jake and I were supposed to have our run date this morning, but we both somehow turned our alarms off. Sheesh. Maybe ONE day we will run together again – we have done that two weeks in a row. We both agreed that we felt very rested, so maybe we needed the sleep. I feel like I have a migraine coming on, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it gets better ASAP.

Happy Wednesday, friends! Oh, I realized last night that I had to put Wednesday on my Tuesday blog. Can you tell this week feels like it is dragging by? Ha!

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