Never stop learning + mean teacher + Ragnar & Trail Sisters Springfield!

Jake and I have both loved these vanilla chai smoothies, but we agreed that they have not kept us as full as other smoothies we have had. I think even just adding a little bit of peanut butter helps keep us more satiated than if we don’t have that in our smoothies. We both said that we have been hungry by mid-morning and that wasn’t the case with our smoothies last week. Goal for next week – go back to a more filling smoothie.


I shared this graphic on social media about eight years ago, but it never stops being hilarious. It popped up again yesterday and I had a good laugh, so I wanted to share it with everyone again. 


One of the things that I love about being in education is that you are a lifelong learner. Sometimes I miss being a student and taking classes, but I definitely do not miss homework. I think with both my current job and my new job, which I start in August, I have the opportunity to do a lot of professional development. I found some books that were authored by the professor whose position I am filling at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (she recently passed away). One of the amazing things about this professor and this new job is that I was trained by her during my first years as a classroom teacher. I am so excited that I get to help keep her legacy alive. I have already read all of her books, but I am re-reading and taking notes, and I am finding that a lot of her ideas and strategies apply to what I am doing now. I love it. 


This lunch has been so easy all week. I was feeling lazy with meal prep, so salad kids and tuna packets are what happened.


A couple of our eighth grade teachers are having issues with a handful of students. The students are just being super disrespectful and not doing anything that is expected of them in the classroom. Our poor teachers are at their wits end, so us coaches are going to spend the morning today with the students. I told them they are not allowed to have their cell phones, computers, any food, or to talk to each other. It’s going to make for a long morning for the coaches, but we are willing to do anything to make our teachers feel like they have their sanity back. Wish us luck! We are using these awesome dividers to make it seem more legit.


Since I skipped my run Thursday morning, I knocked out 6 miles before our Trail Sisters Springfield and Ragnar event last night. My foot was still a tiny bit sore, but nothing that I am worried about yet. I am going to go back to doing some of my rehab exercises, and just be super careful with it. I do NOT want to be sidelined from running again.


We had such a fun evening running and doing some strength training exercises. Huge thank you to Ragnar for partnering with us for this fun event! Another huge thank you to Great Escape Beer Works, which is one of my favorite local breweries. They always go above and beyond to host us and help out with anything that Trail Sisters might need. You guys are the best!


Ragnar sent all of these sweet prizes for us to give away in a raffle last night. How fun is that? I also threw in a tube of Nuun.


Dinner last night was the last of our chicken tacos. This hit the spot after our run and work out.


I am chaperoning our middle school dance after school today, so that is always interesting. For dinner, Jake and I are making homemade pizzas and I am already stoked for that.

Trail Sisters Springfield finally get to run trail in the morning, so that will be wonderful. I also cannot wait to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday. It’s going to be a great weekend!

Happy Friday, friends!

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