Weekend Wrap-up!

What an awesome weekend! We relaxed, spent time with family, got long runs/rides in, and the Chiefs won the Super Bowl!

Friday morning started with one of my comfiest sweatshirts and a little bit of Starbucks coffee. I don’t love Starbucks coffee, it always tastes a little bitter to me, but I had a gift card and there is one close to school, so I splurged on Friday.


Super thankful for friends who can help me with running pains. I have been having a sore foot, so Alex sent me this diagram showing me what I should be foam rolling and massaging. I sent it back to her with the area that is sore circled in red – that’s what is sore. Fingers crossed I can figure out why.


Friday night for dinner, we had a date night at home. We made cauliflower crust pizza and salad. It was wonderful to relax. I chaperoned our middle school dance right after school, so I didn’t leave school until about 5 PM. It was straight home to make dinner and lounge on the couch with Jake and our girls.


Lots of Lu love.


We were watching an episode of Private Practice and I turned to Jake to ask if he had just seen what had happened. This is what I turned to…I’m going to guess that he did not see it. HA!


These two put themselves to bed around 9 PM.


Saturday morning started with some much needed trail time. The ladies of Trail Sisters Springfield took it easy and did a jog/hike at Busiek. The weather was phenomenal.


After the trail run, I relaxed the rest of the day. It was amazing. I did laundry, vacuumed, organized our office, and painted my nails. All of that was accomplished in-between episodes of Private Practice. It was the best day. Jake spent the day working on our vehicles. We both felt pretty productive. Poor Jake hasn’t been feeling all that great, we think he has super terrible allergies. He spent the weekend trying to just push through them.


Always watching her Dad.


Always sleeping.


For dinner Saturday, my parents took us out to Galloway to celebrate my new job. We had a blast and enjoyed delicious food. I had the BLT with french fries and a side salad. I could only eat half of my sandwich and a couple of fries, but I had a long run Sunday morning, so I was excited to have the leftovers for lunch after my run. 


Any other water lovers out there? I didn’t used to drink enough water, but over the past 4 to 5 years, I have started to crave it. I think sometimes I drink too much water. I don’t even have to add anything to it, I just love water.


Jake wasn’t feeling all that great, so he wanted to make sure he conveyed that in this picture. Ha!


Sunday long run! I took Rhea with me – her longest run ever. It was pretty warm out, so I took a separate bottle of water just for her. My water bottle, the one that says Ultimate Direction on it, was full of Skratch. I also took some Hüma energy gel packets, my mace, and my AfterShokz. I use Body Glide where my sports bra band rubs, but I don’t ever carry it with me. I just use it before I head out the door.


Ready for some miles in the sunshine.


That feeling when you knock out your longest run ever and you’re very proud of yourself. All the fist pounds!


I wanted to end with a sub 9:00 overall pace. I think my overall pace was 8:55, so I’ll take it. My foot wasn’t too sore, but it’s definitely not 100%. I’m going to just keep rehabbing it and watching it. Rhea and I did 11 together, then I took Lu on a 1 mile walk.


The best thing ever? Coming home to leftovers after a long run. YUM. This hit the spot – my leftover BLT and fries from Saturday.


After lunch, I finished up meal prep. For lunches this week, we are having chicken and black bean quesadillas – here are mine. Jake has double this. All I did was take a tortilla, (mine – I just folded in half and for Jake’s, I used two.) I layered one side of the tortilla with a little bit of shredded pepper jack, then added 3 ounces of shredded chicken, then a fourth of a cup of black beans, then a little bit more cheese. I baked these at 350° for about 15 to 20 minutes. That’s it! So simple.  


We are still having smoothies for breakfast, so I portioned all of that out for us. It is saving so much time in the mornings when we have the dry ingredients ready to go and just have to add the things on that pink piece of paper. I forgot to put ice on the paper, but we always add ice smoothies.


We didn’t do anything crazy for the Super Bowl, which was pretty nice. We relaxed on the couch and enjoyed some delicious food. We definitely had way too much to eat, but thankfully I can freeze some of the stuff. Our friends Kallie and Coty stopped by for the game, so it was nice to have a relaxing evening with them.


I was up about every 30 minutes last night, so I did not sleep well. One of our pups was pretty unhappy and kept waking me up, so that was not fun. I am planning on a short run and some lifting after school. Still super excited about the amazing football game we watched last night. Last year, I finally started to understand football, so I am enjoying it so much. Go Chiefs!

Happy Monday, friends!

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